rocket power,fighting and water,colerless            
here's a deck i built about a month ago.its made of
almost completely rocket cards.enjoy!

1 rocket mankey
1 rocket primeape
1 rocket rattata
1 rocket raticate
1 rocket meowth
1 rocket persian
2 rocket dratini
2 rocket dragonair(i think this is the best card ever
1 rocket dragonite
1 fossil hitmonlee
2 rocket machop
2 rocket machoke
1 rocket machamp
1 cool porygon(promo)
1 rocket magikarp
1 rocket gyarados

1 full heal energy(rocket)
1 rainbow energy(rocket)
10 water energy
13 fighting energy

3 potions
1 super potion
1 here comes team rocket!(rocket)
2 gust of wind
2 boss's ways(rocket)
2 energy search(fossil)
1 energy removal
1 computer search


Are you going to be at the STS?  Please show up.  PLEASE!!!  Man.

Okay.  You guys get to see Scott do a bash. =)

I built a deck like this once.  It was one of the worst draft decks I ever had. 

I hereby name this: random.dec.  There is a gross amount of pure crap in this deck. 

Running 1:1 on the evolution lines is just dumb.  You're never going to see any of them. 

Your trainers suck.  No Oak, No Bill, No chance.

I'm not going to say my grandma who knows nothing about Pokemon can build a better deck - I will say she can't make a worse one, though.

I'm not going to comment any more on this.  This deck sucks.  Don't fill my inbox with this trash.  Thanks!