Psychotic Thriller!

Hey, Scott, I have this really awesome deck that I think you could make better.
The fix I want is DCI. Could you please post my deck!


22 Pokémon:

4 Abra (Rocket)
3 Kadabara
2 Alakazam
3 Movie Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mime
3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff
3 Chansey

20 Trainers:

2 Switch
2 Oak
3 Bill
3 Scoop Up
3 CPU Search

18 Energy:

16 Psy Energies

I try to start off with Chansey then I use NGR to get back pokémon after I oak. I then power up Wigglytuff then Do-The-Wave away!

Mewtwo and Mr. Mime Help knock out other pokémon after Wiggly dies. SER helps with disruption, and Scoop Up saves pokémon from KO’s as well as remove damage


It's been commented on that I don't do enough non-Archetype fixes.  Well, one of those reasons is because a lot of my fixes will tend to bring a deck closer to "Archetype" status.  I feel that the Archetypes out there right now are 99% of your tournament winners - with such a small card pool, it's difficult to build anything that is non-Arch and win with it.  But, I will indeed buckle under the pressure, at least for 1 week, and do a non-Arch fix.

First of all, I classify this as non-Arch.  Not every deck with 'kazam is a Damage Swap and not every deck with Wiggly is a "Speed Tuff".  This one is a good mix between the two, and follows the principles of neither, IMHO.


In today's environment, you just can not have 22 Pokemon card and expect to win.  I hate to say it.  The first thing we need to do is make some serious cuts here.  

The first thing I'm going to do is cut 1 each of Chansey and Mewtwo.  I'm also going to try to cut back a bit on the Abra/Kadabra line a little by cutting out one of each, taking the line to 3/2/2.  That is definitely not optimal, but we need the card slots for other things.  

Also, I am a firm believer that the free retreat cost in the base Abra is better than the Vanish attack or the 10 extra HP in the Rocket one.  Since you have no other free retreaters in the deck, I would use the base Abra.  Now, I am not going to recommend this change, but if you wanted to change the Mr. Mimes into Fossil Gastly, then I would go with Rocket Abra since your deck would have the presence of a free retreater then.


You have to have 4 DCE.  Yes, this is not speed, but with Chansey and Mewtwo and Wigglytuff all in the same deck, DCE becomes key. Go to 12 Psychic Energy and 4 DCE.  This will free 2 more card slots we desperately need for trainers.


We go into this having 6 card slots open.  First, knock out one Gust, going to 2.  This gives us 7 card slots.  There are a LOT of options we have available to us here. 

First add in 1 Pokemon Trader.  Yes, it's kinda random, but it's the 3rd Wigglytuff, or the 3rd Kadabra / Alakazam if you need it.  It compensates for running a little tighter than we want.  Add in 2 Item Finders.  They are just so wonderful in a deck where reusing trainers could be key.  This deck lacks Pokemon Center - a card that is just too good in a Damage Swap deck.  Go ahead and add 2.  You're not Stall, but they could be key in the late-game beatdown when Wiggly is hurting.  Being slow, go ahead and drop in the 3rd NGR.  That card will keep you alive longer and recycle some evolutions that might be dumped early.  Go with a 3rd Oak with the last slot.  Actually, go ahead and drop a Bill and go with a 4th Oak.  This card will save you SO many times.  And it's like I tell the people who always say, "...but I'll deck myself." : You don't have to use it if you don't need it.

Final Deck:

3 Abra (base)
2 Kadabra
2 Alakazam
2 Movie Mewtwo
2 Mr. Mime
3 Jigglypuff
2 Wigglytuff
2 Chansey

12 Psychic Energy

2 Gust of Wind
2 Switch
4 Professor Oak
2 Bill
3 Scoop Up
3 Computer Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Item Finder
2 Pokemon Center

Have fun with it!