*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Four Score And Seven Years Ago...oops. Wrong war. ;-) Happy Fourth,
Hi my name is Josten McInnis. This is my new Rain Dance I started from
Its done pretty good so far but i feel im not winning fast enough. I know
that if i have the right kind of deck and I have enough ex ex e (let me
the dictionary) ex experience (Wheew) i should be able to put up good fight
to anyone even if they are alot better than me. So heres my deck

Pokemon x15
x4 Squirtle
x3 Blastoise (have extra)
x2 Dark Blastoise
x3 Lapras
x3 Articuno

Trainers x24
x4 Pokemon Bredder
x4 Bill
x4 Item Finder
x4 PlusPower
x3 Pro. oak
x3 Nightly Garbage Run
x2 Computer Search
x1 Energy Retrival

Energy x20
20 Water Energy
SATOSHI: Mmm...Turbo Raindance...hehehehehe.
Okay....to be a Turbo Raindance, you MUST have four Base Set/Base Set 2
Blastoise. That's what makes it Turbo. Remove the Energy Retrieval for
another Base/Base 2 Blastoise. The rest of the Pokes are fine.
Take out an Itemfinder for for another Computer Search. You need searching
as much as you need retrieving, or there'd be nothing to retrieve!! ;-)
Everything else looks great.
Some might tell you there wouldn't be eneroguh energy here...they're wrong.
You will almost NEVER see all of the pokemon in your deck, thereofre you can
have less energy than would be needed for the whole bunch. 20 is what I play
with, and my deck is almost exactly like this one. 20 Water Energy is fine.
Raindance...the deck that laughs at the argument "all archtypes are
boring!!" If you think this, play a Raindance. At least once. It has to be
the Archtype with the biggest chance factor.
Oh, man....remember when I said that this deck is almost like mine? Well,
looking over it, the Pokemon are a spitting image of the Pokemon in MY
deck!! Wow...<twilight zone music in background>

SATOSHI: For those who care, "four score and seven years ago" means "87
years ago." This quote is from President Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg
Address, which was given to dedicate a graveyard to all that died in the
Battle of Gettysburg, the bloodiest battle of the Civil War. And there's
your history lesson for today. ;-)
Have a happy Fourth of July, DO NOT play with fireworks and DO NOT drink
and drive. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!