*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Here it is!! The answer for R&R#4
Clefable, Clefable, Clefable... Let's sing this hypnotic song and dance
this little dance and get caught up in one of the game's biggest rules

Me: Bob, Bob, Bob you just can't take a hint can you.  Well fortunately
for me I have my handy dandy rulebook. *Reads rulebook* Hmmmm... Oh drat
this doesn't help this time.

Bob: Oh YES!!!  I won!!!  Woo-hoo.  I finally will be able to beat you.
*Does obnoxious victory dance*

Me:  Bob just because I can't use my rulebook doesn't mean it still
won't work.  Let's look at the card text. "[1]  Metronome: Choose 1 of
the Defending Pokemon's attacks.  Metronome copies that attack except
for its Energy costs and anything else required in order to use that
attack, such as discarding Energy cards. (No matter what type the
Defending Pokemon is, Clefable's type isstill Colorless.)"  That still
says that you only copy the attack.  Let's look at TR Magikarp. "[WWW]
Rapid Evolution: Search your deck for an Evolution card named Gyarados
or Dark Gyarados and put it on Magikarp.  (This counts as evolving
Magikarp.) Shuffle your deck afterward." This talks about evolution.
Yes!! a chance to use my handy dandy rulebook. Ok evolution, evolution
oh yes here's evolution
"If you have a card in your hand that says "Evolves from so-and-so" and
so-and-so is the name of a Pokémon you already have in play, you may
play that card in your hand on top of the Pokémon so-and-so. This is
called "evolving" a Pokémon." Right there it says it that the Poke'mon
that is going to be played has to have the name of the Poke'mon thatis
being evolved in the top-left corner. Dark Gyrados doesn't have
Clefable's picture in the corner.  Does it Bob?

Bob: Well I guess not.

Me: Exactly.  The only exception to the rule is breeder but it states
to do it that way.  Well Bob I guess you'll metronome flop.

Bob:  Yeah I'll metronome flop for ten damage.

Me:  Man no energy or Gyarados.  Flop for ten.

Bob: Yes I got a Ditto. *Puts Ditto on bench*.  Metronome flop for ten

Me:  Bob, don't think of trying that on me with Ditto.  Ditto's power
reads," "Transform"
If Ditto is your Active Pokemon, treat it as if it were the
same card as the Defending Pokemon, including type, Hit Points,
Weakness, and so on, except Ditto can't evolve, always has this
Pokemon Power, and you may treat any Energy attached to Ditto as
Energy of any type.  Ditto isn't a copy of any other Pokemon while
Ditto is Asleep, Confused, or Paralyzed."  It says Ditto can't evolve.
Since it's my I'll draw.  Cool, water energy.  I'll attach it to TR
Magikarp.  Rapid Evolution.  I'll get base Gyarados.*Evolves TR

Bob:  Got an energy.  I'll attach it to Ditto.  Ok, metronome dragon
rage for fifty damage.

Me:  *Draws card*  I'll potion Gyarados and do Dragon Rage for fifty
and the KO.  I'll take a prize.  Hey Bob surrender now for I shall win.

Bob:  There's no way I can win oh well I give up.

Me:  Bob, heres a rulebook.  Go home and read it and your card's
fineprint tonight.  OK?
SATOSHI: Great Job, Jcarkeys! Hmm...I guess it's time for another R&R.
Unfortunately, I'm fresh outta ideas. :-( So, if you have an idea for an
R&R, send it my way, via Satoshi@pojo.com. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!