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SATOSHI: Another Story fix!! Enjoy!
"Come on, come on!" A shadowy figure whispered to a computer console. The
figure looked around for the tenth time, making sure no one else was around.
Turning back to the console, the figure saw that the computer had done its
job. Displayed on the screen were decks sent in by aspiring Pokemon
Trainers; meant for Satoshi, yet taken from his computer by Team Rocket.
"Boy oh boy, ain't Satoshi gonna be happy..." The figure muttered as the
information was rerouted into another computer; the figure's laptop.
"Okay, okay, everyone, into a single file line, please!" Satoshi screamed
over the crowd of anxious Pokemon TCG players. "You'll all get a chance to
get what you want." Slowly, the crowd of kids turned into a single file
line, snaking all around the store.
Satoshi looked at the crowd and sighed. 'If they only knew...' He thought
to himself. 'Team Rocket still knows where to find me...and they'll be even
more obsessed with doing so after Salom retrieves those stolen deck
Just as he thought this, a figure walked into the shop, disposing a dark
trenchcoat at the door. The figure looked up and around, finally spotting
the busy deck mechanic. "Hey SATOSHI!!" Salom screamed. "I'm BACK!!!"
Satoshi looked up and smiled. "Really? I hadn't noticed." He screamed back,
sarcastically. "You got the...uh....shipment, I guess?"
With a nod from Salom, Satoshi told Martix to take over the shop, while he
and the Salom took to the back room.
Once inside, Salom opened the laptop that the decks were depositied in, and
hooked it up to Satoshi's own computer. "It's a clever operation." The
computer wiz mumbled as the decks were downloaded. "They auctually have an
agent go _into_ cyberspace and take the deck lists right out of you e-mail
program. I should be able to--" Salom stopped suddenly as the computer
displayed the first deck. Gesturing to an empty seat by the keyboard, Salom
told Satoshi, "Give it a fix. Then, we'll see if I can safeguard your e-mail
Satoshi nodded, and began to disect the first deck....
Could you fix this deck up to your standards?
Deck: Kobras and other poisonous friends

Grass  18
4 ekans (1tr 3 fossil)
3 Arbok (2 tr 1 fossil)
3 Grimer (2 tr 1 fossil)
2 Dark Muk
3 Zubat (2 tr 1 fossil)
2 Golbat
1 Tangela
2 Dratini (1 base 1 tr)
1 Dark Dargonair
1 Dragonite

Trainers 15
2 energy search
1 gambler
3 potion
1 pokédex
2 Prof. Oak
1 Energy retrieval
2 Pokemon Trader
1 Poke ball
1 Gust of wind
1 Goop Gas Attack

Grass E. 23
Satoshi began to type out the deck fix.
I think we need a bit of power in the Pokemon area. Poison is good, but we
need fast and furious attackers. Take out the Golbat and Drangonite family
and add in 3 Scyther and 3 Pinsir. These guys have some pretty good
firepower. Now, take out the lone Tangela and use that, along with the
leftover space, to add in another Grimer and Dark Muk. Make ALL of the
Grimer fossil. Now, make all of the Arbok Dark Arbok, and make all the Ekans
fossil, and we're on our way. We'll save the last two spaces for later.

The Trainers look pretty bad, to be frank. Remove the Energy Search,
Gambler, and PokeDex to add in four Bill. Now, remove the Energy Retreival
for another Professor Oak. Trade the Goop Gas Attack and Poke Ball for two
more Gust of Wind, and remove the Potion for three Computer Search. The
Pokemon Traders can stay.

The Energy looks pretty good, but We'll need four DCE for Scyther and
Pinsir. Take out two Grass Energy and use the two spaces from before for
four DCE. Let's look at the finished product:

21 Grass Energy

4 Ekans(f)
3 Dark Arbok
4 Grimer(f)
3 Dark Muk
3 Scyther
3 Pinsir

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
3 Gust of Wind
3 Computer Search
2 Pokemon Trader
Satoshi finished and turned to Salom. "Go for it."
With a small smile and a nod, Salom began to hack into Satoshi's e-mail
program and try to safeguard it against further problems. "Odd...there's a
new icon on your desktop...it wasn't here a minute ago. Wonder what it is?"
Salom clicked on it.
A blinding flash filled the room, and when Satoshi was able to look back,
he saw that Salom had vanished. He was horrified, however, when he checked
to see what the icon Salom had clicked on looked like.

It was a large, red R.

"Team Rocket..." Satoshi said, through gritted teeth.
SATOSHI: Wa la!! To be continued??!! What happens next?! Oh, yeah. Hehe.
Whatever I want. I'm the author. Expect Part Two soon! Good Luck and Happy