*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hey! People auctually responded! Cool! ;)
Hey Satoshi, I figured i would try your challenge #7, sounds interesting,
and like asking to be laughed at, but actually, this deck did very well, it
is extremely slow in the beginging but once you get out a stage 2...lets put
it this way...can you say "Steamroller heading straight for your momma who's
glued to the street?"  Here's the deck+strategy.  I did better than you
think!  This was hard coming up with the deck since i only ever play 1
evolution, which is a stage 1!

Pokemon:17 Whopping pokemon!
3 Bulbasaur-2 Venusaur (I would have put Blastoise here, but his power only
works on water pokemon, and with 5 stage 2's, i need variety, so his power
lets me do it to any type)
2 Dratini-1 Dragonite (1 MP, 1 Fossil)-(With so many stage 2's, i needed
someone to be able to take all types of energies, and Pidgeot is already
here, so here's the dragons)
3 Charmander (All base, no rocket)-2 Charizard (Base) (His pokemon power in
conjunction with Venusaurs is awesome.  His power lets you turn the grass
energy to fire, then each turn can whoop out some serious damage.  I also
think Charmander is a great starting pokemon)
2 Weedle-2 Beedrill (Heck, i'm playing with a grass deck, so why not?  And i
know i broke a rule of not having a pyramid evolution)
2 Pidgey-1 Pidgeot (Read dragonites descritption)

15 Trainers(I wish there could be 78 cards in a deck!)
2 Pokemon Centers (You all know how it works with venusaurs power)
4 NGR (Comes in much handy, especially with energy, and pokemon breeders)
2 Oaks (Only way to get speed with only 15 Trainers)
4 Pokemon Breeders (Well, speed is a major issued here)
4 Item Finders (I have gotta get those breeders back somehow, and oaks, and
every thing else)

Energy:28 (5 Stage 2's means i need tons of energy)

Strategy: Well, um....yah....just get out who you can, keep em alive, and
out your stage 2's to start eating their little hitmonchans.

Report:  8 People at omnidons local store (not a big tourny huh?)
             Double Elimination ( I sort of got cofused on how this tourny
was run, but i ended up in second)

    Round 1 My...*insert name here*...deck vs Raindance
This was probably the hardest battle here.  I started with weedle, and Ron
started with a Squirtle (How typical, i wonder if he has a blastoise in his
hand?)  I got the flip, and the horrible hand.  My only Basic was a weedle.
The rest of my hand was a beedrill (the judge shuffles the decks since
someone found out how to shuffle the deck so the good cards were up top, and
he doesn't shuffle well, so all my cards were close together) a breeder, and
the rest energy.  Put it on weedle, and poison stung his squirtle, getting
heads.  Even though he didn't have much energy in his hand, he knew next
it was dead, so he had to evolve it.  And he raindanced 2 energy on it.  My
turn i got an oak, so i had to do some thinking, should I evolve and not be
ready, or get the guranteed hit now and probably die.  Well, i evolved,
equipped an energy, and oaked.  Getting a poke-center, a bulbasaur, and a
charizard.  The rest energy. God, he didn't shuffle well at all!  Stuck down
bulbasaur, and passed.  He was a really dumb player and didnt do anything
turn but draw a card.  So i equipped an energy and did poison sting, with
poison, and he forfeit, so i win!
SATOSHI: Great Job! Remember to include ONE BATTLE fought with your deck,
everyone. Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!