*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: The deck, please!

This is a new deck idea that I just came up with. I
haven't play tested this deck much and it may need
some help from you. I call this deck sneak attack. The
strategy is to get out Mr. Mime and use the pokemon
power of Golbat to get faster damage with Mr. Mime's
meditate. I can use scoop up and devolution spray in
conjunction with nightly garbage run to do this combo

4x zubat
4x golbat
4x mr. mime
3x scyther
3x mewtwo

3x professor oak
4x plus power
4x devolution spray
4x scoop up
4x boss' way
4x nightly garbage run
3x comp search
4x Item finder

energy( I know this has problems but I don't know what
to remove to make room)
7 psi
5 grass
SATOSHI: Oh, a TR Stratgey deck...is it me, or has Team Rocjket opened the
most strategy options since Base Set? Anyway, let's get to work. (BTW, By my
count, we only have 59 cards here. We'll fix that as we go.)
These look nice. Make sure those Zubat are TR Zubat, and we'll move on.
Oy. Well, sine we do not really need much card-drawing(due to the Boss's
Way, Com. Search, etc.) I'll overlook the absence of Bills. Just because we
need energy space, take out an Itemfinder, NGR, and Devolution Spray. This
shouldn't effect game play too much.
Oh my. Well, since you made no reference that you were going to attack w/
Dark Golbat, and since TR Zubat can partially take advantage of
colorless...remove the grass energy entirely. Sorry, but it'll work better
this way. Make it all Psychic Energy. Now, remember the space from before?
Yep-Psychic Energy. Make those three trainer spaces from before? Those
become DCE for Scyther. You may want to experiment making four Psychic
Energy into four Rainbow Energy, but I'll leave that up to you.
Very nicely constructed deck. I had to pause and sratch my head trying to
figure out what to remove to make room for more energy. Bravo!!

SATOSHI: That's all for now!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!