*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hi-ho. Still here in Crash's building while my place is being
fumigated. And, I am happy to say that Crash's secretary has stopped
chucking letter openers at the door!*applause* Unfortunately, she has
somehow persuaded Dr. Finklebuam from down the hall to let her borrow a
dentist drill. *screeeeeeeeee!* I don't know how much that poor door can
take before it crumbles. Let's see the deck.
I have a Pokemon Deck that got 3rd place in a
tournament, but I just bought a Psyout deck and took
out all the water Pokemon and added more psychic
Pokemon like Kadabra and Gengar. The problem I have
with my deck is that I don't know what trainers to put
in and I want a deck made with Psychic and Fire
Pokemon but I don't know which Pokemon to put in.
Basically, I need a deck with Psychic and Fire
Pokemon. I have an Alakazam and Charzard but I don't
know if I should put them in. PLEASE, PLEASE HELP
This is my current deck which is psychic:

Psychic Energy (29)

Haunter (3) Base
Haunter (1) Fossil
Gastly  (3) Base
Gastly  (1) Fossil
Abra    (4) Base
Kadabra (4) Base
Jynx    (3) Base
Gengar  (1) Fossil
Ditto   (1) Fossil
Mewtwo  (1) Base

Potion  (3) Base
Super Potion (1) Base
Gust of Wind (3) Base
Computer Search (1) Base
SATOSHI:*screeeeeee!* Errrrmm...try to ignore her, and let's see what we can
Okay...lots of room for improvement here. Remove the Mewtwo, Gengar, Base
Haunter and Gastly, and one Kadabra. Now, add in 1 more Fossil haunter, and
two more Fossil Gastly. Also add in three Base Charmander and two Base
Charmeleon. Looking good. Let's move on.
Remove everything but the Computer Search and Gust of Wind. Counting the
last unused space from before, we have 5 spaces to work with. Add in three
Bill, two Professor Oak. We'll come back to the trainers later.
Waaaayyyy too much energy here. Let's make this 12 Psychic and 12 Fire. This
leaves us 5 open spaces. Add in two Energy Retrieval, two more Computer
Search, and an Itemfinder.
Here it is:
12 Psychic Energy
13 Fire Energy
3 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
4 Abra
3 Kadabra
3 Jynx
3 Gastly
2 Haunter
1 Ditto
3 Bill
2 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Itemfinder
3 Gust of Wind
(You were under by one in your original deck list, so I'll add in another
Fire Energy to even it out.)

SATOSHI: Ta da! There it is!! Hmm...the drilling has stopped. Wonder what
she's up to--*snif, snif*Oh great. If I'm not mistaken, that is Sleep Powder
from dear old Vileplume.*yawn* Oh well..after today, I could use a*yawn*
nap. Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone....*snore*