*ding ding!*
*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hey! Hey! Yeah! Over here! I know this ain't the ususal building,
but...just c'mere!
Okay. Now that you're here, I can explain. My place is being fumigated
today. However, since I have decks to fix, I couldn't simply close down. So,
I went next door--yup Crash's building-and rented out an office for today.
Unfortuately, it's right across for the good doctor's place. What's so bad
about that? Well...*fffssssshhhhTWANG!!* WHOA! Watch for flying letter
openers, by the way...his Secretary and I are not on the best of terms.
Let's get inside and see your deck before one of the postal projectiles hits
its mark.
Hi, I was wondering if you can help me with my deck.  Even though I don't go
in tourneys, I still enjoy fighting my cousins.  I have 3 types of pokemon
my deck: Psychic, Fire and Colorless.  Now, in innovating my deck, bear in
mind that I don't have pokemon breeders, traders, 1 S. E. R.  and one of
search and itemfinder.  Also keep in mind that I only have a limited amount
of holos so try to give alternatives for holos when adding them. Okay here

Energy: 21
13 Psy
5 Fire
3 DBL Colorless (I can add 1 more if you want)

Pokemon: 19 in all
3 abra
2 kadabra ( TR. and base)
2 Alakazam (TR. and base, can only provide one of these so sorry)
3 gastly (Fossil, I'll try to get 1 more if necessary)
2 haunter (Fossil too, can only provide 2 though sorry again)
1 gengar (can provide 2 more if necessary)
3 charmander (base, I'll get 1 more if necessary)
2 charmeleon (base, same as above, but I can't really afford a charizard,
rocket or not so keep that in mind)
1 chansey(I can add 1 more if necessary)

Trainers: 20
3 bills (can add 1 more if necessary)
2 goop gas attack (I can add 2 more)
2 energy removal (can add 2 more if necessary)
2 energy retrieval (Can add 1 or 2 more)
1 S. E. R.  (I can only do 1 sorry again)
2 pokemon center (I think I can only provide 2)
2 pluspower (Can provide 2 more if necessary)
2 GOW (can add 2 more)
2 scoop up (I think I can add more)
2 Super potion (I can add more if necessary)

Okay there you have it.  I'm guessing this is a deck between haymaker and
staller, but I'm more into stalling.  So, now that you have seen what's in
here, please criticize softly and I hope you can tune this up into a
tourney-formidable deck with the limitations I have listed.  Thank you for
considering if not helping me with
this deck.  Once again, thanks.
SATOSHI: Okay..we should be safe in here...to my knowledge, Ajax Letter
Opener Co. doesn't make door penetrating products. Let's get to work.
*ffffssssshhhTWANG!!* How many does she have, anyway?....
Hmmm...remove the following: Alakazam(both of them)and Gengar. In their
place, pop in you one of Comp. Search and Itemfinder, and add another
Remove the Super Potion, Pokemon Center, Goop Gas Attack, and Energy
Retrieval, giving us 8 spaces. In their places, add in another Bill, and two
Professor Oak. Save the last 5 spaces for later.
Use the five spaces from before to add in five Fire Energy. Now, remove a
Psychic Energy for another Fire Energy.
Let's look at the finished product.

11 Fire Energy
12 Psychic Energy

3 Abra
2 Kadabra
3 Charmander
2 Charmeleon
3 Gastly
2 Haunter
2 Chansey

4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Energy Removal
2 Gust of Wind
2 PlusPower
2 Scoop Up
1 Computer Search
1 Itemfinder

SATOSHI: Try to get more Computer Search. Well I think that'll do fairly
well. Good Luck and
Happy--*sccckkrreeeTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANGTWANG!!!!*--Geezz..what the
heck?!..lemme check through the mail slot..*creak*...yup. just as I thought.
She is now using the shredder as a type of Letter opener catapult. Try not
to get sprayed with shrapnel as you leave, and Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!