*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello...here's part two of "Team Rocket's Revenge," my newest story
fix. Last time, I had enlisted the help of my friend Salom to retrieve
stolen deck fixes from TR's computer. he computer whiz had suceeded, but TR
had gotten its revenge...by sucking Salom into their cyber prison!! Read on,
ladies and gents....

Satoshi knew there was one thing to do: save his friend. Gathering sall the
courage he could muster, Satoshi double clicked on the "R" icon--
--And soon found himself bound to chair, right next to his lost friend.
Satoshi looked around, lost and dazed.
"Nice of you to join me." Salom muttered, as Satoshi struggled to break
free. "Don't bother struggling. They may not be totally devious, but these
guys can tie some good knots."
Before he could say another word, the duo's captors showed themselves.
Satoshi couldn't believe what he saw.
"Ahahahaha!" Jesse cackled. "Soooo nice of you to join us, Satoshi!"
"Yes," James agreed. "Now we have two Pokemon Masters held captive!
"Would you BE QUIET!?" Meowth screamed. The bumbling Team Rocket abruptly
shut up. To their captives, Meowth said, "You have on last request. Wadd'll
it be?"
Before Salom could speak, Satoshi replied. "Let me fix one more deck.
Instantly, a computer appeared before Satoshi. Salom looked at him
curiously; the young computer whiz _knew_ Satoshi was up to something.
Satoshi began to read.
Hello deck mechanic.

I am a novice, and have only previously desgined 4 decks prior to this one.
Just wondering what you might be able to tell me about my strategy and card

Here is my deck.

2x Scyther
3x Porygon
2x Doduo
2x Dodrio
2x Clefairy
2x Clefable
2x Machop
2x Machoke
3x Hitmonlee

4x Gust of wind
3x Trader
2x CPU Search
3x Super Energy Removal
2x Lass
2x Prof Oak
2x Plus power

4x Double colorless
18x Fighting

The main strategy behind this deck is to stall with either a scyther,
hitmonlee, machop or doduo, in oredr to build up a good hand and eventually
a good bench. As you may have gathered, the gust of wind is a stall card
aswell as an offense card.  Super en removal is the same, as is lass. Once
dodrio is on the bench it makes all the pokemon imune to stasis effects like
confusion and poison, and gives them free retreat(except for clefable).  A
well played porygon using conversion 1 with gust of wind, super energy
removal, and either a powered up hitmonlee or scyther on the bench, can
devastate the opponent's bench and evolved pokemon.  Clefary and clefable
are another surprise tactic.  (Most effective against psychic decks)
Clefables 1 energy for metronome can really mess with your opponents head
especially when they've just evolved a pokemon. The surprise tactics work
well with plus power too.  However with the new rocket trainer cards your
hand is not safe and kept secret from your opponent.

Thank you for providing a valuable service for pokemon trainers.
Satoshi began to type. 'I hope this works...' he thought.
Your Pokemon need some help. I'll let Porygon slide, as he is a part of your
strategy. Take out the Machop family, and add in another Clefairy and
Doduo.a 2-2 familyu is usually not good. The others look good.
Trainers....they need a bit of help. Remove the Pokemon Traders. They really
aren't needed here. Add in three Bill, as almost every deck should have
them. Next, add in two PlusPower. This, in combonation with your strategy,
is a great idea. Also, remove one Gust of Wind and add in another Computer
Search. IMO, four Gust is overkill. Three will be fine.
You mention problems with TR trainer cards. Let's fight fire with fire. Make
those two Lass into two Rocket Sneak Attack.
The energy will be fine.
Here it is:

18 Fighting Energy

3 Clefairy
2 Clefable
3 Hitmonlee
3 Porygon
2 Scyther
3 Doduo
2 Dodrio

3 Bill
2 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
2 Rocket Sneak Attack
3 Gust of Wind
3 Super Energy Removal
4 PlusPower

Good Luck and Happy Gaming!!
Taking a deep breath, Satoshi added one final line to the message. Salom's
eyes lit up. "So _that's_ what you're up to...." The computer whiz mumbled
softly. Satoshi nodded 'Only a few more seconds.' Satoshi thought.
Turning his head up toward Jesses and James, Satoshi asked, "This computer
wouldn't, by any chance, have a Pentium Chip, would it?"
Jesse, confused, responded, "Yes...why?"
Grinning, Satoshi hit one final button: DELETE.
Instantly, Salom and Satoshi found themselves back in the shop.
Salom turned to Satoshi and said, "I cannot believe you remembered that
exact combonation of keys."
Satoshi shrugged and grinned. "What can I say? 'Freakazoid' was a good
===THE END===

SATOSHI: Ta da!! Any fan of the "Freakazoid" cartoon should have no problem
guesing what I did to get outta there. :) Think back to the story of how
Dexter became Freakazoid. That's your clue. Good Luck and Happy Gaming,