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SATOSHI: Last entry for TC#7!! Here it is!!
I gotta fix for ya. This works extremely well,
especially for a deck with 5 stage 2's. I'll write the
deck and then the startegy, and then the game that I
played with it.

3 TR Dratini
3 Dark Dragonair
1 Dark Dragonite
3 Bulbusaur
1 Ivysaur
2 Venusaur
3 Nidoran
1 Nidorino
2 Nidoking
3 Caterpie
1 Metapod
2 Butterfree
3 Weedle
1 Kakuna
2 Beedrill
2 Scyther

4 Breeder
3 Bill
2 Oak
2 Energy Retrieval

14 Grass
2 D.C.

Well, the strategy is to use Dark Dragonair's pokemon
power to get the evolutions you need, then dragonair
for their corresponding basics while using 1 of the 5
stage 2's. Grass has the most most useful stage 2's so
I went with grass. Venusaur is awesome in an all garss
deck and is a stage 2. Nidoking is the strongest stage
2 with poison being second by Beedrill with poison.
Butterfree is a pretty nice card except is is stage 2.
Seing as how I need stage 2's, now their is a need for
him. This deck does pack a wholop, the problem is
getting the right stage 2 when you need it and another
problem is the lack of support of trainers. Though
their is card drawing, but not enough for a deck with
5 stage 2's. Anyways, the deck is pretty strong, and
while playing casual play with my brother, It was a
pretty good deck.

Lucky 5(5 Stage 2's) Vs. All colorless deck

Okay, it went like this. I got ahold of Bulbusaur, TR
Dratini, Dark Dragonair, Oak, and 3 Grass Energy.
Anyways, I put Bulbusaur as my active and TR Dratini
on my bench. I got the coin flip and went. He had a
lonely Pidgey on the bench. I attached an energy to
Bulbusaur but not before I drew another grass energy.
I passed my turn. He went and attached an energy to
Pidgey and dropped down a Scyther to the bench. I went
and drew a bill. I billed and got a Breeder and a
Scyther. I put Scyther on the bench and evolved TR
Dratini into Dragonair and searched for Venusaur. I
also attached an energy to Bulbusaur and did Vine
I passed my turn and he went. He put a D.C. energy on
the benched Scyther. I went and added another Energy
to Bulbusaur. I drew a grass energy. I oaked and got a
Nidoking and a Metapod, the other was a bill, an E.
Retrieval, a Kakuna and 2 grass. I billed for a
Nidoran and a grass. I Vine whipped again knoking
Pidgey out. I passed. He put an energy on the now
active scyther and did 30 damage. I retreated the
Bulbusaur and put out Dragonair. I evolved to Venusaur
and put Nidoran on my bench. I used Dragonair to
snatch Nidorino and added an energy to Nidoran. I
Energy Transed three energy to Dark Dragonair and the
other lone energy to Nidoran. I passed. Scyther did 30
damage. I drew a Weedle. I put an energy on Nidoran
and evolved to Nidorino. Energy Transed all Energy to
Nidorino. Passed. KO to Dk. Dragonair. Evolve to
Nidoking and Toxic attack. Pass. He adds Jiggly to the
bench. Scyher retreats for Jiggly with D.C. Does 20
damage. I toxic Jiggly. He does 20 more. KO by my
turn. I get a Beedrill. I toxic Scyther for the win.
Pretty strong deck, but then again his deck wasn't so
strong either.
SATOSHI: Well, that's it for TC#7!! TC#8 coming soon! Good Luck and Happy