*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hrrmm...I have a small dilemma here. maybe you can help.
Y'see, I've been trying to choose a funny little saying to post above the
door to the shop--you know, just to give people a little laugh as they walk
by and encourage them to stop in. The problem is, I can't decide which one I
want. it's either this one:

"Before you make fun of someone, walk a mile in their shoes...That way, when
you DO make fun of them, you'll be a mile away and have their shoes."

Or this one:

"He who lives in a glass house must get dressed in basement."

Waddya think?....Oh, I'm sorry...let's see the deck.
I know you love raindance decks and my deck just
happen to use raindance. Thought it is not the
traditional type of raindance deck. It is ER with
raindance to give it speed, with medium damage and if
heavy damage is needed bring in Blastoise. This deck
is somewhat a new archtype as it uses ER with speed,
which before was slow, and with medium damage. Though
it uses an archtype.
I am a pretty skilled player and play at
the pokemon league. I have never been to a tourney
though but am a highly skilled player. I wanna know
what you think about the deck, and maybe if it is good
enough to be a HoF. At least post this deck though
please cause it took alot of time to make. As for the
strategy also did.

Strategy type- Raindance to speed up ER to do medium
damage while removing energy. Somewhat beatdown and
somewhat disruptive(GoW and ER). The main focus is on
ER though.

Deck name- Whirlpool Dance
Anyway here is the deck...

Pokemon (18)
3 Squirtle
1 Wartortle
3 Blastoise
3 Poliwag
1 Poliwhirl
3 Poliwrath
2 Lapras
2 Scyther
Trainers (22)
4 ER
4 Oak
2 Comp. Search
4 GoW
4 Breeder
Energy (20)
20 Water

Strategy- Stall with Scyther in begginning because of
his free retreat or against a Mr. Mime use Lapras. Get
Blastoise on the bench so when you get a Poliwrath you
can do 40 damage a turn and remove an energy a turn.
Use gust to get out a pokemon you want to remove
energy or KO. When an opponent plays ER just fill
yourself back up. Oak for more water when needed. When
heavy damage is needed use Blastoise. Don't leave any
weak pokemon on the bench so GoW doesn't have major
effect. This deck usually is pretty fast as their are
four oak, 2 Comp. Search, and Raindance to make it a
fast ER. Also compared to most ER decks this is a hard
hitting deck also. This deck is extremely fast and is
a Turbo ER and a pretty fast Blastoise. I haven't lost
yet as it is pretty strong. People underestimate Stage
2's as they are stage 2's for a reason. 40 damage and
ER a turn, think about it. Please don't remove the
Blastoise or Poliwrath line. They don't get in the way
of speed anyways.
SATOSHI: Hmmm...I'll decide on which saying later. Let's see what we can do.
Okey dokey...not much to fix here. I would like to take out the Wartortle
and Poliwhirl--they really won't be needed by the time we're done. I like
the idea of Energy Denial/Raindance...very nice, and very lethal.
Take out one GOW, and, along with the two spaces from before, add in three
Bill. No deck is complete without Bill. Now, take out and ER and SER to add
in two Itemfinders-mking it possible to get all of your stage twos into the
fray. Let's move on.
20 Water Energy is great--don't change it.
I'm gonna be frank--who doesn't love a Raindance Variant?? =D

SATOSHI: Ta Da! There you are. Hmm...now, as for the sign...I think I'll go
with the "Mile in their shoes" saying...let's go hang it outside...la ti da
ti da...okay, I'll hang it right-??!! What's this? There's already a sign
here...let's see what it says:

"Pleeze leev all wallets and credit cards in the building next dorr befor

Hmmm...judging from the bad spelling and scratchy handwriting, I'd say
Crash's Hypno has been here. I swear, that Poke-Klepto is gonna get it
someday...I'd better talk to Crash about him when he gets back...Good Luck
and Happy Gaming!!