*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Okay, here it is!! R&R#5!
You have had along match against Bob. He is playing his 'Magnetmouse'
Neo-Enhanced Electric Deck. You are playing Satoshi's Raindance (Again). You
were both on your last prize and Bob selfdestructed Magneton...

YOU: Oh no!!! Sudden Death!

Bob: Haha, I've got you now!!!!

You play TR Squirtle. Bob plays Pichu (Baby Pikachu).

YOU: Attach Water Energy To Squirtle.

Bob: Attatch Lighteneing Energy to Pichu.

YOU: Evolve to Wartortle. Attach Water Energy. Withdraw. (Flips coin) heads!

Bob: Attach Lightening Energy to Pichu.

YOU: Guess it's Withdraw for me. (flips coin) heads!

Bob: Attach L Energy To Pichu

YOU: Where are you Blastie? Withdraw. (Flips coin) tails!

Bob: Haha! Now I'll attach a Lightening energy to Pichu, Breeder To Base
Raichu and Thunder! Yes! I win! I win!

YOU: Will you ever learn Bob? You can't do that!!!!

Why Can't Bob breeder to Raichu??
SATOSHI: Now, no fair looking in Rules: Q and A. It IS answered in there,
but let's see if anyone can answer it without looking it up. Good Luck and
Happy Gaming, everyone!