*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Hello! The deck, puh-lease....
Dear Satoshi,
Will you help me make my deck better.
3 Abra
3 Kadabra
1 Alakazam
3 Mewtwo (1 promo)
1 Promo Mew
1 Gastly
1 Haunter
1 Gengar (Fossil)
4 Machop
4 Machoke
1 Machamp
2 Kangaskhan
3 Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
1 Pokemon Breeder
1 Professor Oak
1 Poke Ball
1 Energy Search
1 Double Colorless
10 Fighting
14 Psychic
James Rader
SATOSHI: Hmm...we have work to do.
Okay, 25 Pokemon is a bit much. AND, we have way too many singles. Drop ALL
the Machoke, Alakazam, Mew, Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar and add in another
Machamp and Abra. Now, make sure the Machop and Abra are all from the Team
Rocket expansion. Also make all the Mewtwo movie promo. Use the eight
leftover spaces for Trainers which we will do later....do bee do bee
do....Okay, it's later. Let's do the trainers. ;-)
Okay, singles here as well. emove the PokeBall and Energy Search. Now, we
have ten sapces. So let's add in two more Pokemon Breeders, four Bill, two
more Professor Oak, and two Computer Search. Looks good.
Trade in one Psychic Energy for another Fighting Energy.
Let's take a look:

11 Fighting Energy
13 Psychic Energy

4 Abra(tr)
3 Kadabra
3 Mewtwo(mp)
4 Machop(tr)
2 Machamp
2 Kangaskahn

4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Energy Removal
3 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Breeder

SATOSHI: There it is!! I hope you find this satisfactory, and--

SATOSHI: Wha-? Arcanine!? We have a door you know. If you keep this up, I'll
have to spend a fortune on windows, and--oh, sorry. What is it, boy? Wazzat?
You have an urgent message? A fellow trainer in need of assistance? Okay
give it here....Arcanine, this isn't tug-of-war...c'mon, drop it...uggn,
eerrr...GOT IT! Now, let's see....Oh, my. Okay everyone. I'll need your help
on this one.

Someone has written to me asking these two questions:
1)Does Ash ever let Bulbasaur go?
2)Does Ash get Charizard back in the third movie?

SATOSHI: Let me explain.

1)Ash does, indeed let Squirtle go, as the Squirtle Squad need their old
leader. Does Bulbasaur have the same fate?

2)Also, in "Valley of the Charizard," mere espisodes after he and the big
lizard start to get along, Ash lets Charizard go. This person has heard that
he gets him back in the third movie, "Lord of the Unknown Tower." Does he?

If any of you know the answers of these questions for sure, e-mail me at
Satoshi@pojo.com, and I'll pass it along. Thanks!!

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!