*ding ding!*
SATOSHI: Okay! Who will be watching the M:TG broqadcast on ESPN 2 today? I
will! I will!
Hi Satoshi This is my deck "Fire it Up".  It works pretty well.  I'm
planing on using it for the STS:).  I use the electabuzz to fight at the
beging of the game or if i come up against a water deck.  Charmeleon is
my main attacker and rapidash is support.

4 charmander
3 charmeleon
4 electabuzz
3 ponyta
2 rapidash

4 bill
4 energy search
2 plus power
3 comp. search
4 energy retrieval

8 electric
16 fire

thanks for looking at this deck.
SATOSHI: Let's get to it
The Pokemon look good. I've always liked Rapidash...he's cool. ;)
Okay, we're gonna ned some help here. Energy Searches...buh-bye. In their
place, add in three Professor Oaks and another PlusPower. Now, tak out an
Energy Retrieval for anotgher PlusPower, and we're all set.
Looks good.
Charmeleon...an interresting choice. He really doesn't get used much. It's
always Ninetales or Arecanine, but not Charmeleon....

SATOSHI: Well, that's all for now!! Good Luck and Happy Gaming, everyone!!