>" Appocalypse to Energy"
>4 Psyduck
>3 Golduck
>3 Dratini
>2 Dragonair
>3 Scyther
>2 Ditto
>3 Bill
>2 Oak
>4 Energy Removal
>4 Super Energy Removal
>2 Item Finder
>3 Gust of Wind
>1 Energy Retreival
>20 Water Energy
>4 Double Colorless Energy
With the number of Wigglytuff decks that have been hitting the scenes of late, Energy Removal seems to be one of the best methods by which to stop them dead in their tracks. However, in order to best do this, we need to make some minor modifications to the above deck. First, we're going to switch the Scythers and Dittos out for Chanseys. This big glutton will help absorb the damage while we prepare our hitters.

Pokemon (10 Basic + 5 Evols = 15 Total):
4 Psyduck (Fossil)
3 Golduck
3 Dratini
2 Dragonair
3 Chansey

For Energy, we'll mainly use water and DCE, with a few Rainbows tossed in. But we do want to trim back on energy as much as we can get away with.

Energy (10 Basic + 8 Special = 18 Total):
10 Water
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Lastly, we need to make sure that we stop our opponent's trainers (one reason we prefer using Psyduck from Fossil) while we draw cards.

Trainers (27 Total):
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
2 Item Finder
3 Rocket Sneak Attack
3 Gust of Wind
3 Nightly Garbage Run

Have fun!