>Hey Yo,
>   I jist built a new deck and I need some advice on how to make it
>4x Lickitung
>4x Scyther
>4x Hitmonchan/o Fossil Magmar
>4x Electabuzz/o Fossil Magmar
>11x Fighting/o Fire
>10x Electric/o Fire
>3x Double Colorless
>2x Full Heal Energy
>4x Scoop Up
>4x Potion
>1x Super Potion
>4x Energy Removal
>4x Gust of Wind
>1x Prof. Oak
>   The object of my deck is to do damage early on with Hitmonchan,
>Electabuzz, or Lickitung while powering up Scyther. I will Potion or
>Scoop Up any damaged Pokémon. The reason for all the energy is because
>in my area Energy Removal decks are used more than any other form of
>deck. If my opponent survived the initial onslaught of my deck then my
>deck can be used as a stall deck i.e. Tongue Wrap, Thunder Shock, Smoke
>Screen, Energy Removal, Scoop Up, Etc. I need some advice on how to
>improve my deck please help.
Nothing like revisiting the classics after some time away from them. I've been purposefully avoiding doing fixes on Haymaker-style decks that do quick hitting for little energy because there is usually only so much you can say about them. Tweak their energy a little, adjust their trainer counts, and that is usually about it. But when Team Rocket was released, we did get a couple breaths of fresh air. Let us take a look at how we can use some Team Rocket cards to make this deck even stronger.

First, let us drop Lickitung down to 2 in this deck. We don't need that many of him in this deck. We'll also drop the count on the others to 3 a piece in order to "tighten" the deck. This is a concept that has really become popular lately among veteran players. We are constantly looking for ways that we can cut back on Pokemon and Energy in order to play more and more trainer cards, yet keep enough that our deck won't stall out of energy or lose to not having a bench. When you reach the absolute minimum of Pokemon and Energy, you reach the plateau of deck design and you'll hear people call your deck "solid" or "tight". What that means is you have tweaked it so much that it is a lean, mean, fighting machine with no room to add or remove anything without spoiling its success.

Pokemon (8 Basic + 6 Evols = 14 Total):
2 Lickitung
3 Scyther
3 Electabuzz
3 Hitmonchan

Now, we need to focus on energy. What we need is enough to run on, but no extra. This is tough and takes a lot of playtesting to get right... and if there is a lot of Energy Removal in your area, you have to adjust appropriately.

Energy (14 Basic + 4 Special = 18 Total):
8 Fighting
6 Electric
4 Double Colorless Energy

Lastly, we take a look at trainer cards. You've done a decent job of selecting trainers already, but the Potions aren't going to help you and you don't even have Bills in your deck... so let us prepare trainers that are going to be more effective in this style of deck. Energy Removal trainers, Gust of Wind, Scoop Up, Plus Power, and draw power are the most common in quick-hit decks.

Trainers (28 Total):
4 Bill
2 Professor Oak
2 Computer Search
3 Nightly Garbage Run
4 Gust of Wind
4 Plus Power
3 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Scoop Up

Best of luck to you!