>Hi I'm Nitefire and this is the Dragon Storm Deck
>This deck revolves around Blastoise and Dark Blastoise and I added Gyarados for a little fun
>Dragon Storm
>I play it by trying get a magikarp or staryu out(preferably the staryu).
>When I finally have a starmie and enough energy on my starmie I
>start attacking the with starfreeze until the get rid of
>starmie.If I dont have starmie in my hand I try to use a trader
>to get it while pumping gyarados,blastoise,and dark blastoise
>starmie puts a little damage out when she dies I bring in the
>heavy artillery and pound them into submission with Hydro
>pump,hydrocannon,Dragon Rage,and bubblebeam.
>3Dark Wartortle
>3Dark Blastoise
>2 Rocket Magikarp
>1Chansey(used it for more cards)
>2Rainbow Energy
I've been very fond of Rain Dance decks that abuse Blastoise with Dark Blastoise lately, but they just seemed to be missing that ability to deal with Mr. Mime or get a heavy hitter that can really spread the damage around... until this month. The new promotional Articuno from the movie is going to be a staple in many Blastoise Rain Dance decks. In expectation of his impact in just over a week, I'm going to go ahead and give you some advice on how to abuse him in a Rain Dance deck... let's modify yours to make use of this deadly bench hitter and paralyzer.

Pokemon (8 Basic + 6 Evols = 14 Total):
4 Squirtle (Team Rocket)
4 Blastoise
2 Dark Blastoise
4 Articuno (Promo)

Yes, 8 Basic Pokemon is low, but Turbo decks are okay with that, especially thanks to a wonderful card called Challenge! which is a MUST HAVE in this deck. But first let us focus on energy before we delve into strategy. Since we're playing Rain Dance, all we need is Water and not a lot of it either.

Energy (17 Basic + NO Special = 17 Total):
17 Water

Now, for trainers we will need lots of card drawing. Now why did I say Challenge! is wonderful in this deck? It does 3 things for us. It helps us get the Squirtles into play so that they can be evolved into the Blastoise or Dark Blastoise, it helps get our opponent's bench full so that Articuno can maximize his effectiveness, and if neither of the above work out... you can draw 2 cards. Naturally, we'll load this deck up with a ton of trainers for card drawing purposes.

Trainers (29 Total):
4 Bill
4 Professor Oak
3 Computer Search
4 Challenge!
4 Pokemon Breeder
4 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Gust of Wind
3 Item Finder

Enjoy this deck!