"Dark Mind Deck"
4 Gastly (fossil)
3 Haunter (2 base, 1 fossil)
2 Gengar
3 Drowzee (base)
2 Hypno
2 Mewtwo (1 movie,1 NP Insert
2 Kangaskhn
2 Lickitung
1 Snorlax
<<Very nice solid mix, but some Pokemon could go. I've found Hypno to be
decent in this sort of deck, and can work well in the right metagame.>>

2 Bill
2 Switch
2 Super Potion
3 Energy Removal
1 Super Energy Removal
1 Computer Search
1 Scoop Up (I only have 1)
<<Not too bad, but where are the Oaks? Without Oaks this deck won't be able
to keep up with the speedy Haymaker, Rain Dance, and Wiggly archetypes.>>

23 Psyhic
2 Potion Energy\
<<Looks pretty nice>>

   I used to play a deck quite similar to this one, u always need a good
Gengar base you already have that with a 4-3-2 ratio-but you'll deffinatley
want to change all those base haunters over to fossil. Fossil Haunter can
stall, stalling is always good especially when you want to evolve. And
although base Haunter has the ability to deal some good damage the chances
of him actually pulling it off are very slim(25% out of 100%). After you get
the base down you need some good support pokemon, bench damaging attacks are
great and Hypno should work fine. But you'll deffinatley want to change the
Base Drowzees over to Team Rocket. Finally you need a good mix of strong
Basic Pokemon for the early game, your MewTwos are great and Kangaskhan is a
good staller/heavy hitter. But you're problem lies in Lickitung and Snorlax.
Kangaskhan is all the stall you'll need in this deck so what we really need
is a good all around Pokemon. Ditto is almost always good, so I think we'll
take out the Lickitungs and Snorlax to add 3 of 'em.  I think the Pokemon
Mix is pretty much set so we'll move on to your Trainers.
  This is the weakpoint of the deck, your Trainers seem to be leaning on a
Damage Manipulation theme. This doesn't work well with a Gengar deck, you
want to get damage on the field as fast as you can with this deck and you
shouldn't worry about keeping your own pokemon healthy-just about KOing the
opponent before he can hurt you too badly. To get some more speed, we'll
take out the 2 S. potions to add 2 Oaks. We really don't need the switch
anymore, 1 Scoop Up should be fine we'll take out the two Switch to add
another Bill and another Comp. Search. GOW works very well in this deck,
giving you that final prize right one turn sooner is always good. Take out 3
Psy energy to add 3 GOW. You seem to be short one card so I decided another
Oak would speed things up.
"Dark Mind" REVISED-
4XFossil Gastly
3XFossil Haunter
1xMovie Promo MewTwo
1XNP Promo MewTwo

2XComp. Search
1XScoop Up

2XPotion Energy

    -Jared Schroeder Questions and Comments go to: Jared@pojo.com

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