The theme of this deck is ENERGY REMOVAL. Just remove energys from my
opponent until they got no energys left! This deck is capable of removing
at least 24 or more energys. Here's the deck:

Water Pokemon:
3 Psyducks
2 Golducks
2 Articunos or 2 Chanseys (I dont know which one!)

Psychic Pokemon:
3 Promo Mewtwos
3 Mr. Mimes
<<You have a very solid Pokemon mix here,  Chanseys would deffinatley be a
better choice over Articuno. Number 1, with 120HP and a Scrunch attack
Chansey has a much better potential of taking enough hits to power up
Golduck. Also Number 2, he's one of the best cleaners in the game, as not
many players play pokemon with over 80HP.>>

4 S.E.R.
4 E. Removal
4 Item Finders
2 Recycle
2 G.O.W.
2 Switches
2 Scoop Ups
2 Computer Search
2 Energy Retrieval
1 Potion
2 Lass
<<I like alot of the trainers here but, you need Bills and Oaks! Without
them your deck won't be able to keep up with those Haymaker and Wigglytuff

12 Water Energys
7 Psychic Energys
2 Double Colorless Energys
<<This seems ok, I find that playtesting is the best way to tell if you have
enough energy or not. Without Bills or Oaks though I highly doubt 20 energy
will work.>>

Strategy: To stall for some time with Mr. Mime or Articuno (depending what
pokemon the opponent has), until Promo mewtwo and Golduck is ready.
Promo Mewtwo is in the deck to help with the S.E.R. and clean up, while
Golduck is for added Energy Removal.

   Your strategy is straight out, and easily playable. Very nice work there.
The problem I see here is your deck doesn't have a sturdy Trainer base,
which will probably leave your games almost completley up to the luck of the
draw. But before we go on to trainers I think we'll adjust the Pokemon mix a
bit. Golduck is pretty much the base of this deck, I really think going 4-3
on his evolution will help the consistency of this deck. I would take out 1
each of Mr. Mime and  Promo MewTwo  to make room for another Psyduck and
another Golduck. This makes the deck lean a little more on energy denial
then it does basic beatdown. What may be a good idea is to take out the
psychics all together and add 3-2 of the Dragonair line. This would make
this deck a complete energy denial, and if you do decide to try this out I
would add 2 or 3 of a good colorless basic like Scyther or Ditto.
   Alright, here's the hard part. I really think Bills and Oaks will help
this deck, for one it will get that energy you need quicker and that's a big
deal in such a low energy count deck, and they'll also have the same effect
when looking for that Golduck or extra ER. It took quite a bit of thought
but I think the Switches can go for 2 Bills, all of your pokemon except
Promo MewTwo have only a 1 retreat cost and you should be able to get by
without the Switch. You can take out the lone Potion for sure, it certainly
isn't doing you as much good as another Bill. Finally Lass has proven itself
as a good trainer but I wouldn't play it in such a high trainer count deck.
2 Oak instead may work better. The 20 count should deffinatley be ok now
that we've added more deck manipulating trainers.

    -Jared Schroeder Questions and Comments go to:

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