Team Rocket Slowpoke(4)
Fossil Slowbro(1)
Team Rocket Slowbro(1)
TR Psyduck(4)
TR Golduck(2)
Promo Mew(4)
Base set 2 Mewtwo(1)
Base set 2 Mr. Mime(1)
<<It looks like you have a fairly sturdy psychic beatdown going. I like the
idea of throwing the TR Golduck line in. But your ratios are a bit off, for
a stage 1 3-2 or 4-3 usually works best, although 4-2 works ok it's probably
better just to add another of the Stage 1 form making it 4-3.>>
Super Potion(2)
Professor Oak(1)
<<You have a total of 11 trainers here, although it may seem to work well it
can work much better. You can deffinatley spare some energy for more

Psychic Energy(31)
<<31 is a definate no, no. You really don't need that much energy in any
deck, especially not as this one as most of your Pokemon aren't very energy

Well you're on the right track here, you have a fairly solid Pokemon mix and
an ok Trainer mix for the amount you included. But your real problem lies in
the energy count of this deck. You could probably run 24 or 23 Psy energy
without a problem. It may sound kind of crazy at first, but if you look at
the idea more closely it makes sense. The highest energy cost attack in your
deck is Super Psy, which only costs three energy the rest of your pokemon
have only 1 or 2 energy cost attacks. You're probably going to have about 2
or 3 pokemon in play, which means you'll need 6 or 7 energy to support them
all. And you usually don't need to support them all at once, just your
active and a benched pokemon for back-up. So all you're going to need for a
solid beatdown in this deck is going to be about 4 or 5. You certainly can
get by with 24 energy in this deck if you're only going to need 4 or 5
energy to get 2 solid attacks going. So let's lower the Psy energy count
down to 24, giving you a nice 7 open slots to work with. I think a good
strategy for this deck would be to make a sort of Damage Manipulation deck,
using Slowbro and Potions to dullen the side-effect of Dark Golduck, and Mr.
Mime's low HP. I would suggest going 4-3 on both the Dark Golduck and
Slowbro evolutions, and adding a good amount of Potions(say 3 each?). Promo
Mew is a great surprise for the opponent but you only need 1 or 2 since his
attacks are so situationally based. With the open slots you have from taking
out Mew I would add more potions and deffinatley another Oak. Defender
doesn't help as much as other Trainers, some Comp. Search would be nice in
this deck so you may want to try that out. Base MewTwo is an OK overall
pokemon, but may do better as a Mr. Mime or another Dark Golduck. Good luck
with this deck! Oh and a good name but be, Strange Wall(Mr. Mime and

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