>   Hello I'm Josh and this is my deck. Will you please
>do a report on my deck Griffin. I call it Dadada Ultra
>Hay. No Appusle please.
>4xScyther(come on 30 damage, no retreat, basic
>pokemon, all around great)
>4xMewtwo Movie Promo(70hp 40 on turn 2 anti Energy
>Removal oh yeah)
>4xMagmar Fossil(70hp nice attacks great stall)
>4xMr. Mime(30 and above do nothing. Look at that)
>4xPlus Powers(and people say Hitmonchan was the
>foundation of the Haymaker)
>2xSuper Potion(As seen above)
>3xNight Garbage Retrevail(E.R. DCE I don't think so)
>3xBill(Come on now!)
>3xOak(As seen as above)
>Strategy: Easy hit hard with Scyther, Mewtwo, and
>Magmar. Then in the middle of the game lay down Mr.
>Mime and watch their faces drop when they realize
>their heavy hitters are to heavy to take out Mr. Mime
>and then lay down more Mewtwo. I'd like to say a poem
>I heard: See Hitmonchan, See Hitmonchan die, die
>Hitmonchan die. My deck is as close as I can get it to
>perfection so I thougth hey why let a payed
>proffestional help and cause i'm afraid if I touch it
>it might get messed up.
>      Thanks Griffin I need the help.\


Um, I'd first like you to know that I am NOT payed... Okay?

Second, youd deck needs help. It's no where near perfection. Drop all your
Potions and Super Potions. This deck is FAST, and you DO NOT need healing
cards. Scoop Ups will do, which you'll have later on. With those 5 slots
open, dro pin 3 Scoop Ups and and another Bill. You need those 4 bills to be
fast... Now drop 2 Nightly Garbage Runs. You'll have all the energy you
need, and you have all the basics you need, these won't help too much. With
those 2 slots open, dropn in 2 Computer Searches. Next, drop one of each od
your basic Pokemon so you have 3 each. You only need 12 total Pokemon in a
haymaker, and you had 16. This will work better. With those 4 slots, add in
another Computer Search and 3 Lass. Lass helps a TON, especially when you
get one first turn against wiggly. Lass ruins wiggly, and that's why you
need it. Next is your energy. You want some Grass so you can be doing 60
damage turn two with scyther. Drop 6 Psychic for 6 Grass energy. Now this
deck can pretty much play up to its potential. Thanks for sending it in

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