>Hey Griffin,
>      Wazzzzzzzuuuuuupppp!  I recently came up with an ok strategy
>wigglytuffs do the wave and electrodes buzzap!  Wigglytuffs weakness are
>certain trainers and pokemon, namely hitmonchan energy removal and super
>energy removal.  I have remedied these weaknesses with great speed and
>desruption.  One of wigglytuffs friends are double colorless energy.  Since
>u can only have four in one deck i have tried to find ways to put more in a
>deck.  I have found that electrode, after being knocked out, is a better
>double colorless because it acts as any type of enegry not only for that
>colorless wigglytuff.  Here is the deck.  Please help me and this deck that
>i hope will be a common sight on the pokemon tournament scene.  There are
>lighting in this deck because if there were there would be a field day foor
>all fighting pokemon.  This deck lacks certain wiggy type cards such as
>but is replaced by speed oriented trainers.  Griffin please help my deck!
>Thank you for your time and much needed helped.
>4xdouble colorless energy
>3xpokemon trader
>4xprofessor oak
>4xrocket sneak attack
>4xplus power
>3xnightly garbage run(constant buzzaping)


Ahh! It's great to be back in business! I love doing this stuff... And
especially when my first deck is a Turbo Wiggly! I love these, especially
since I run one myself. First thing's first though. I would tell ya to dro
the Electrodes, but my job is not to create almost a new deck, but to use
the strategy you have and make your deck better. SO...

First thing you want to do is drop the hitmonchans. Wigglytuff is your main
attacker, so it's okay to have 2 retreat cost on it. Hitmonchan would get
stuck up there with 2 retreat, and in the long run, cost you too much energy
and other cards to bring him back to put that wiggly up. Drop all 4
Hitmonchans and all of that 11 fighting energy. In it's place, you probably
want a 4th Scyther, lemme explain: The main Pokemon of this deck,
Wigglytuff, is weak to Hitmonchan. Hitmon tears through wiggly, and
therefore, you need something to take care of it. Scyther is just the right
Pokemon. You already have 3 Scyths, which is good, but you need one more, so
with those 15 slots open, drop another one in. Now to your electrodes...

If you use them for energy, you need 4. With 4 trodes, you also need for
voltorbs. You have 14 slots open, so drop in 1 more trode and 1 more torb.
You need some more energy too. Full Heal Energy and Potion Enegy help a TON,
and I mean a TON in Turbo Wiggly decks. Add in 4 of each. You have 4 slots
left, and with those, stick in 4 Computer Search. Lemme tell ya, you NEVER
EVER EVER play a Wigglytuff deck without 4 CPU search. It just doesn't
work... You also need to drop the Challenge! They REALLY suck. If you
opponent has 1/4 a brain, they will accept your challenge, leting you and
them fill their benches. This may sound like a good thinkg at first, but
think about it. If they have ONE pokemon out and you have a wiggly up active
that's fully powered but with only one pokemon on your bench, would you
rather have them fill their bench, giving you 5 MORE pokemon yo knock out,
or just continue filling up your bench normally and try to KO their active
guy? I think you know which one's better... SO, with those extra 2 slots,
add in 2 Grass Energy. I almost forgot about the grass, which isn't a good
thing. Now, since your only basic energy is grass, and you're only going to
have 4, the Nightly Garbage Runs don't help much. Drop two of them for two
more Grass energy, which help your scythers. You also need a 4th Wigglytuff.
Getting that 4th one in is VERY VERY important. It GREATLY inscreases your
chances of getting one out on turn two, which is very good for you. Drop an
Item Finder for it. You also need 2 more basic Pokemon. Your best choice
here is Ditto, which is good anti-haymaker. What to take out... Hm, I'll
just say to scratch the Nightly Garbage Runs Altogether. That removes your
last one, and with that slot, drop in a Ditto. You need one more ditto, and
I'm going to say to drop a Pokemon Trader. You will have 2 left, and with 4
Comp Search, 4 Bill, and 4 Oak, you hardly need another one, so it won't
hurt. Now you have a fixed deck, here is a new decklist:

4 Jigglypuff
4 Wigglytuff
4 Voltorb
4 Electrode
4 Scyther
2 Ditto
4 Bill
4 Oak
4 Comp Search
4 Rocket Sneak Attack
4 Plus Power
3 Item Finder
2 Pokemon Trader
4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Potion Energy
4 Full Heal Energy
4 Grass Energy

Thanks for the deck. Glad to be of help again!



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