>Hi Griffin. This is a deck i created for Pojo's Apprentice League after
>being severely beaten by countless MP Mewtwos.
>4x Fossil Gastly
>3x Fossil Haunter
>2x Gengar
>3x MP Mewtwo
>2x Mr. Mime
>3x Scyther
>2x Chansey
>2x Nightly Garbage Run
>3x Gust of Wind
>3x Professor Oak
>4x Bill
>3x Computer Search
>2x Scoop Up
>4x Double Colorless Energy
>20x Psychic Energy
>The strategy to this deck is to Stall with Chansey while pumping up your
>heavy hitters. Mr. Mime provides an effective defense against opposing MP
>Mewtwos and other powerful hitters. Then MP Mewtwo and Gengar can take out
>other threats that happen to pop up. Scyther is of course there for its
>free retreat and can provide a offense against psy resistance colorless
>Pokemon.  Oak, Bill, and Comp. Search can help you get the cards you need
>while NGR replenishes you draw pile. I plan on putting Resistance Lowering
>Gym in when Gym Heroes come out to help against colorless threats. I
>appreciate any response you can give me. Thanks.



You have way too many. Period. I'd suggest dropping the Gengars. They're not
too fast, and most decks these days rely on speed. I'd also drop the Mr
Mimes. They never seem to work for me, and there's alot of things that beat
them up. Chansey will work better for your anti-Mewtwo. The rest looks fine.


You don't have enough. Period. You want to up the Scoop Ups to 3. You'll
need em with all your basic Pokemon. You also want to up your NGR to 3.
Decking is usually a problem sometimes for all players, and these help alot.
You need Plus Powers. They are essential for almost all decks. You also want
Rocket's Sneak Attack. Hand disruption is one of the most important things
in decks these days, especially against Wiggltuff decks. Try to RSA your
opponent first turn EVERY SINGLE GAME. You'll be surprised at how much it
helps. Rocket's Sneak attack is just like Lass, but with no drawback. You
probably want some Energy Removal too. Removing an opponents energy,
espeically against Wiggly decks, basically sets your opponent back one turn,
which is great for you.


You have way too much... All this Psychic energy isn't needed. Drop it to
10, and add some Grass energy, just to Swords Dance Scyther.


3 F. Gastly
3 F. Haunter
3 MP Mewtwo
3 Scyther
2 Chansey
4 ER
4 CPU Search
3 Bill
3 Plus Power
3 Nightly Garbage Run
3 Professor Oak
3 Rocket's Sneak Attack
3 Scoop Up
10 Psychic Energy
4 Grass Energy

Thanks for the deck submission


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