>Hey Griffin. As I said on mIRC, I made the Arcanine deck and took it to the
>league. It did quite well, and was beaten once due to a bad draw. (1
>Scyther, 1 growlithe, 2 canine, and no energy!) I figured what the heck and
>decided I would send it to you.
>Strategy is simple. Get out your canine as fast as possible and beat them
>into submission. I knew they would be killed, so I added backup. Here she
>4 Growlithe
>3 Arcanine
>4 Magmar (Now, this may be wierd too some people, but 2 are base. These
>50 hp, but they can pack a wallop.)
>3 Tauros (these guys can be a wall you know. People were afraid to hit them
>because I could rampage and kill them next turn)
>3 Scyther (Now, you know if I did not have these, an angry mob would come
>running in and try to chop my head off. Really!)
>3 Comp. Search (4 would be cool, but it seems to work)
>3 NGR (I like this new rocket card, it has given me more time in games
>4 Bill (Read Scyther)
>3 Oak (Ditto)
>1 Gambler (Yep, a single gambler. why? in case I am almost gonna deck.
>can shuffle my hand which is probably large into my deck AND get new
>3 Plus (... read Scyther, although this is not as much as that)
>2 Finder (Get back my items, I think this helps a lot in games)
>3 Gust (Cool card, would not you agree?)
>17 Fire (Yeah, Arcanines a hog, but I can get it back with run, and draw it
>with bills and oaks. It worked for me except for that one cheap game.)
>4 DCE (Read Scyther)
>in that one bad game I played he had electabuzz, magmar, and 2 rocket
>mander. He had 4 SER and ER and Item Finder. He was constantly getting my
>energy. He had a perfect hand, but I had a lousy hand. It stinks, cause he
>was a father to this little 9 yearold gym leader who was so full of himself
>even though he has never been even close t a match for me. Talk about
>       The gym leader is even dumber, he never brings a deck, and when he
>does, yyou can use 1 pluspower a turn, no SERs, and only 1 ER in your deck!
>When I played him I had him on 2nd turn, but I could only play 1 plus.
>things went downhill from there. I got no energy to fuel my guys, and my
>mewtwos were scarce (This was because someone stole my other 2 so I had 1
>left! I had less cards than he did!) I eventually lost. But I reclaimed
>myself by beating this idiot who was "Giovanni" with every american mewtwo
>in his deck. I crushed him so badly that he forfeited and ranted all day
>about my "Haymaker" which was really a sponge variant I was trying out.
>Enough ranting. Please fix my deck to combat SER and ER. (Yeah, I know,
>till August for prohbition gym) thanks



The Arcanine line looks great... I think I might take this deck and make it
into a Cleaner though... Arcanine does not work well during the whole game,
it's more of a late game cleaner-type Pokemon. I like the 2-2 with the base
Mags and Fossil ones. That actually DOES work, but you're gonna need the
extra space for trainers, and Fossil Mag is justa tad beter than base.
Replace your Tauros's with Chansey... Chansey ALSO works as a great late
game cleaner along with Arcanine. Tauros just doesn't have the HP, and its
attacks kinda suck.


Most of these look good... You probably want 4 Plus Powers. Item Finders
aren't too good, they only work in late game, and this deck doesn't need
alot of trainers in the late part of the game. You want 4 Oaks too, they
help get out needed stuff... Like your 'Canines. Lass would also help, since
there's alot of Wigglys and Hays running around now. You also want some
Scoop Ups for your Chanseys and other basics.


This looks fine... You might want some Full Heal Energy for your 'Canines


4 Growlithe
3 Arcanine
3 Fossil Magmar
2 Scyther
3 Chansey
4 Oak
4 PP
3 Bill
3 CPU Search
3 Scoop Up
2 Lass
14 Fire Energy
3 Full Heal Energy

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