>dear griffin
>   here's my deck it does very well on gb tcg.(i dont
>have enough cards for it in life)please review my
>decksay ne thing u want 2 for it.
>4 squirtle
>4 blastoise
>2 articuno
>2 lapras
>4 prof. oak
>4 bill 1 poke trader 3 poke breeder 3 energy retrieval 3 energy search 2
>energy removal 1 pokeball 2 comp. search energys
>26 water energy
>thats my deck my stratagy is 2 get some blastoise
>articuno and a lapras for mime and a lot of water
>energy and kill
>i hope you like my deck
>   loki

This deck is cool, but it needs a bit of help. First thing we focus on is
the Pokemon. 4 Squirtle is good, and so is 4 Blastoise. You want Rocket
Squirtle though. Yeah, I know, it can't paralyze, but it has more HP, can do
more damage, and doesn't require water energy to attack. Replace your
Squirtles with Rocket ones. The Lapras and Articuno counts are fine.

Now your trainers... In any Raindance, you want 4 Computer Searches. You
have 2. Drop your Pokeball and Poke Trader to put in the Searches. Poke
Trader can only get you Pokemon, but CPU Search can get you ANYTHING... It's
just plain BETTER. PokeBALL, on the other hand, just plain SUCKS. It relies
totally on a coin flip, and can only get you Pokemon anyways... Energy
Search sucks too... In a MONO deck, why have Energy Search when you could
just have energy in the first place? Right? Take the trio of them out, and
add in 2 more Energy Removals. These help alot against Buzz, and when Gym 2
comes out, Rocket Zapdos. Most of your trainers are fine, 'cept the Energy
Retrievals... You already have 26 Water Energy, why 3 Retrievals? Drop all
three of them. with 3 slots open, drop in 2 Item Finders and another Poke
Breeder... With 4 Blatoise, why would you want 3 Breeder? That kinda doesn't
make sense, but with another Breeder, it works out now... The Item Finders
just kinda... help. They get you back trainers so you can use em again. It's
a great card. You need some Plus Powers too, so you can take out those pesky
Haymaker Pokemon in one hit. Drop 4 Water Energy for the Plus Powers. You
have 26 Water Energym which is too much... 22 should do fine... Anyways,
thanks for the deck, send me another one some time!

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