>Waaaazzzzzzzuuuuuuppppp!  Hey Griffin!  I have this insane sponge that
>really really well.  The metagame in my area are hitmonchan so this deck is
>a must in my environment.  This is basiclly a haymaker but with a lot more
>trainers.  The only strategy is beatdown and disruption.  See what u can
>See ya!
>4xplus power
>3xscoop up
>4xdc energy

This deck is good, but you need more basics... Your energy is a bit low
too... Drop your Mewtwo for Movie Promo Mewtwo. MP Mewtwos are MUCH better
than base set ones... You need another MP Mewtwo too... If Hitmonchans are a
problem, these will work. Drop your two rainbow Energy for 1 MP Mewtwo and
another Oak. Get some Scythers in there too... You need 3. Drop a Lass and 2
Item Finder for 3 Scyther. 2 Lass work great, that's the same number I play
in my deck. Also, Item Finder doesn't help alot, as it's almost like CPU
Search, but during the first half of the game you don't have as many options
with IF. One works... You need some more energy too... Drop your SERs. Yeah,
I know it sounds crazy, but I don't play with em, I only play with ERs, and
my deck is fine... So, with 4 slots open, add in 2 Psychic energy. That
should fill your energy slots up. Now add 2 Rocket's Sneak Attack. They're a
good combo with Lass, and can be good without Lass too. Anyways, thanks for
submitting your deck!


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