>Hiya Griffin! Thanks for helping me out here. This deck has pretty bad luck
>and i was wondering if you'd fix it... or perhaps praise it?
>3 Electabuzz
>3 Magmar (F)
>3 Mew
>3 Mr.Mime
>3 Scyther
>4 Bill
>1 Challenge
>3 Computer Search
>4 Energy Search
>2 Gust of Wind
>3 Item Finder
>1 Lass
>3 Professor Oak
>3 Scoop Up
>1 Super Energy Removal
>4 Rainbow Energy
>6 Psychic Energy
>5 Lightning Energy
>5 Fire Energy
>Now, here's the strategy. I tried to build a Haymaker but i wasn't very
>successful. Let's face it, i'm a trainer nut! i can't go build a deck
>without the control of searches or the game-winning power of gusts. I
>basically try to get control over the field as fast as i can. then the
>one-two with assorted flavor pok&eacute;mon.
>Mew is a good one energy hitter and is good against psychic decks(with some
>trainer help).
>Watch out Magmar! Water pok&eacute;mon douse this poor fellow. Scoop is the
>only thing for this one when playing a Raindancer.
>Having one of each of those singles is very useful. I can scare my enemy
>into messing up if i play them right. The opponent is weak to the force, my
>friend, let their anger blind their sight.
>Finally, is my ace, Electabuzz. It's punching power is unsurpassed. wha??
>You say Hit-mon-chu?? no.. i'm sorry, i have something for you. Mew,
>Scyther GO!!!
>ftheleague Daniel

Hmm, this deck looks pretty good, 'cept your trainers are real screwed up,
you play with too many singles of them. Drop all 4 Energy Search. They
really suck, and there's no real use for em. You have 4 slots open. Drop in
1 lass, and 3 Rocket's Sneak Attack. Drop the Challenge! (No comment...) for
another Computer Search. If you only play 1 SER, it's not gonna help much.
You don't have room for more anyways... Drop it, and add another Scoop Up,
so you have four now. Your Pokemon need a little help too... You have 15,
and you only need 10-12. Drop 2 Mew, even though I don't like singles, it's
okay to have one Mew. Drop in another Lass, so you have three... With one
more slot open, add in an Energy Retrieval. You run low energy, and you're
gonna need em. Now drop a Mr Mime. Two is fine, and I Find them hard to use
successfully anyways... You need more energy... Add in a Fire, one Magmar
needs two fire, whereas your other Pokemon don't take more than two of any
energy ('cept Mew). The Rainbow energy help you to cover all the Pokemon's
energy types, so leave those in. Hmm... That's about all you need, thanks
for the deck.


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