Hey dux. Got another deck for ya! Please repair! -Dragonair2005


by Dragonair2005

Pokémon (20)

2x Mewtwo (NP Promo #12)

1x Mewtwo (VHS Promo #14)

1x Mewtwo (Movie Promo #3)

4x Abra (Team Rocket)

3x Dark Kadabra (Team Rocket)

2x Dark Alakazam (Team Rocket)

2x Drowzee (Base Set/Base 2)

2x Drowzee (Team Rocket)

3x Dark Hypno (Team Rocket)

Trainers (15)

1x Here Comes Team Rocket (Team Rocket)

2x Rocket's Sneak Attack (Team Rocket)

2x Computer Search (Base Set/Base 2)

3x The Boss's Way (Team Rocket)

4x Challenge! (Team Rocket)

3x Nightly Garbage Run (Team Rocket)

Energy (25)

25x Psychic Energy

The main idea of this deck is to use NP Promo Mewtwo and Dark Hypno for Bench

Control, and Challenge! to fill up your own bench. The Dark 'Kazam line is

there for sneaky hit-and-run type attacks. Here comes Team Rocket is there

just to make the game more interesting with predictable prizes. (Ha! Try

saying that 5 times fast! --Predictable prizes) Anyway,,, Please fix my deck

if it needs help. Thanx!



See ya!


Last fix for the night. Oh, i just ordered a new pc. So in a week i wont have
any excuse not to answer your emails and im's.


There's one pokemon in here who could possibly help this deck more than dark
alakazam... Gengar. So just replace all the appropriate stages with the
appropriate pokemon.
Replace the boss's way with oaks, take out 3 energy, add in another oak and
two more cpu searches, take out 6 more energy and replace them with 4 rocket
sneak attack and 2 GOW's. maybe a few more tweaks...

here's the final

2 np mewtwo
2 mp mewtwo (one vhs)

4 gastly
3 haunter
2 gengar

4 drowzee (TR)
3 dark hypno

4 challenge
4 oak
4 computer search

17 psychic energy

hope that helps,

Justusdux "Dux"