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Kamikaze Fire
July 12, 2000


Name: Sam
Email Address: ssss@together.net   

Skill Level: advanced   <===== [Editor's note: *Ahem....*]


Speed Metagame in your area: medium


Strategy of your deck: kamikaze beatdown. Basically load each Charmander with a fire energy and use defenders, scoop ups, and n.g.r.'s to keep em alive. fossil magmar is back up, and ditto takes care of wiggly deck's and raindance. when a charmander gets low on hp transfer the energy to another poke, conserving energy.


Deck Name: kamikaze fire


Deck Listing:
4xTr charmander
3xfossil magmar
4xplus power
3xcom. search
2xnightly garbage run
2xscoop up
2xenergy retrieval
16xfire energy


I don't care if this gets posted, i just want a bit 'o feedback. Thanx a ton, Sam


Hi Sam....

*Clefairy Doll scratches her head and wonders why someone would want to bother keeping Charmander alive....* Ohhh! I see.... I think you have misunderstood Lil' Char's Pokemon Power. You see, Gather Fire lets you take energy FROM another Pokemon to put it on Char... not FROM char to another.... get it?... unless you are transferring it to another Char, which would be kinda silly since you already loaded them up and they can only use one. And besides,  GOW just wrecks you!  Since you are an "advanced" player, that means by my definition (and apparently yours) that you play and regularly win DCI level tourneys.... *scratches head again...*  Have the other DCI players or perhaps even the judges ever said anything about the fact that you are using Rocket Charmander's Pokemon Power incorrectly? If not, I would be very interested in playing DCI tournaments in your area *grin*.... But maybe you just meant that you put it on another Char... um... heh... you still don't float my boat here, hun.


While TR  Charmander's attack ain't bad (20 for R), it's 40 hp sucks, and the cards you are using to protect him could instead be Energy used to power up a better HP Pokemon, like the Magmars you have.  In some ways you are running a very fast deck engine (4 each of Oak, Bill, 3 Comp Search), but you are missing other key speed components.  I'm going to assume here that you are not at quite the skill level you fancy yourself to be, and slow your deck up a bit.  Magmar just isn't the speed demon that would fit a true turbo engine.  Now we have to decide how to replace those silly Chars... How about some Scythers *shrugs*.  And Kangaskhan... not so bad in slower decks and he give you some drawing ability. 


We're going to slow you down here. We'll get rid of Defender and add Item Finder.  Plus power is better for speed, and will serve only limited service here, so I'll replace some or all of those. We'll just tweak the numbers on the rest.


Let's add a few Grass for Scy and decrease the fire a bit.  We'll keep all 4 DCE.

New Deck Listing:

Pokémon - #10

3 Scyther
2 Kangaskahn

3 Fossil Magmar
2 Ditto

Trainers - #29

4 Bill
3 Oak
4 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Plus Power
3 Gust of Wind 
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
2 Night Garbage Run
2 Scoop Up
2 Energy Retrieval

Energy - #21

10 fire energy
7 Grass


Better luck with this one....

 ~ Clefairy Doll

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