Hello all. Happy 4th of July, if you happen to live in  the United
States. If you don't, well, happy 4th of July anyhow, because the date
doesn't really change anywhere.

   Forgive my lack of enthusiasm toward today, but I'm not in a very festive
mood anymore. I had my Independence Day plans cancelled 3 times. 3 TIMES!
The first two times, I was bummed, yeah, but the third was just it.
   In light of my total lack of activity for today, i've decided to keep the
office open in order to assist anyone else whose Independence Day happened
to not be all they'd hoped.

   Luckily I've got a patient coming in real soon. The office is kinda dull
on this off day. My secretary is having a picnic with her boyfriend, Rudolf
the physical trainer.
   My Hypno is off gallivanting with other Psychic Pokemon doing whatever it
is Psychic Pokemon do to celebrate. Probably bend silverware. I don't know.
He wouldn't tell me.
    My secretary's Vileplume is even elsewhere today, participating in a 4th
of July parade float.
    But not me. I'm here.

    I get sunburns too easily anyhow. Hmmmph.

   Well, my appointment has just shown up, so let's get to business. I'd
offer some potato salad, but I threw it at the wall at home when I got the
third cancellation. Well, anyway. Let's see your deck. I've gotta do
something today.

>Hello, Doc! Remember me? That's right, I had the Haunter! ... And the Arbok
>that tried to eat your fish... But, no one broke out of their PokéBalls
>today, so don't worry about your office being messed up. I have another
>that I feel needs a tune up, and I'd greatly appreciate your expertise in
>making it better. So, without further adieu, here's my deck!
>~^~ Darkness and Light ~^~
>4x Eevee (Rocket)
>2x Dark Flareon
>2x Dark Jolteon
>4x Electabuzz
>4x Magmar (Fossil)
>4x Bill
>2x Professor Oak
>2x Rocket's Sneak Attack
>3x Energy Removal
>2x Super Energy Removal
>2x Nightly Garbage Run
>2x Computer Search
>3x Gust of Wind
>10x Lightning Energy
>14x Fire Energy
>This deck revolves around being able to attack with low energy. The energy
>amount tips towards Fire, because both of the Lightning families only need
>Lightning energy to be effectice, and Dark Flareon has to discard a Fire
>energy fifty percent of the time. Both elements have a stall factor, with
>Magmar and Dark Jolteon having Smokescreen and Thunder Flash, respectively.
>Electabuzz and Dark Flareon hit hard, both causing at least 30 damage with
>the potential to do more. The trainers should all be obvious, so I'll leave
>you to your work.
>Thanks for your help, Doctor Landon!

   Ah, just the cure for the summertime blues, an Eevee deck! I've been
wanting to fix one of these for some time. Excellent!

    Your strategy of being able to attack for minimal Energy costs is pretty
good. The Pokemon you've chosen will facilitate this well. There are a few
areas that this deck needs assistance with, but not too many. I'll see what
I can do here.

    The Pokemon are pretty good. Eeveelutions tend to run a bit on the low
side with HP, especially the Dark varieties. However, their useful attacks
make up for this reduction. Of the 3 Dark Eeveelutions, I think that Dark
Jolteon is definitely the best. A one-Lightning Energy for 20 damage a
smokescreen effect is the most economical attack in the current Pokemon
environment. Thunder Attack is a bit more risky, since you don't want to
incur any damage to a Pokemon that is already on the low side of HP. I'd
only use it to finish off an enemy for a sure prize.
    Of the other two Dark Eeveelutions, Dark Flareon is arguably the better.
It possesses a nice one-Colorless Energy Attack that really pays off if the
Flareon is hurting. It's Fire attack is really nice since it deals 30 damage
minimum with the chance for an additional 20 damage. So you lose an
energy...it only requires two Fire to pull off. This is a nice attack. Low
HP still plagues it though.
    As for Eevee itself, the Team Rocket one is adequate. It's certainly an
improvement over the lackluste Jungle version. However, if you really want
to speed up your game and impress your friends, I must recommmend the new
Promo Eevee, available at most Pokemon Leagues and everywhere online that
Pokemon cards are traded. This Eevee has such a cool Pokemon Power: Chain
Reaction. Whenever any Pokemon in play, even your opponent's, evolves, you
get to search your deck for an Eeveelution and place it upon the Eevee. This
is the ONLY Pokemon Power you can activate willingly during your opponent's
turn. It's got low HP, but it's power is such a boost to any Eevee deck it's
worth finding.

   The other Pokemon you've chosen are pretty much standard issue.
Electabuzz, king of the BBP's and Fossil Magmar, early status effect
champion. They should be the backbone of this deck. Naturally, having 4 of
each is a must.

   The Trainers are good, with just a few spots of improvement needed.

I'd pull those regular Energy Removals and add 2 more Super Energy Removals.
The Super version is just so much more effective. It's twice as hard to
recover from losing 2 of your Energy in the same turn as it is just one.

  With the leftover spot from pulling that third Energy Removal, add one
more Gust of Wind. This deck suffers from a lopsided weakness to Fighting
Pokemon. It really is unavoidable without adding more Pokemon to the mix,
which would overload the balance. Colorless and Electric both take a
whomping from Hitmonchan. Gust of Wind will help displace this weakness

   Add a third Rocket Sneak Attack. This card early on makes a huge
difference and isn't nearly as risky as Lass. Plus you get to see what else
your opponent is packing. It makes a nice play, even if just to see what
your opponent will likely do next turn.

   Next add a third Nightly Garbage Run. It's important to be able to get
those Eeveelutions back if needed and more useful in recovering lost Energy.

   Finally, put in a pair of Item Finders. This card is very important for
getting an extra bang out of a Super Energy Removal or Gusting a Hitmonchan
away when there's no Gust of Wind in your hand.  I'm sure you'll find even
more uses for it than I can ever type, it's that good.

   The last area to cover is the Energy amount. This deck is pretty
streamlined in terms of how much Energy is ever required. This means that
you can safely remove 4 of those 24 Energy cards you have in here. 20 Energy
will be plenty, especially with all the card drawing and Nightly Garbage
Runs in the mix to help you out. The 4 slots for the removed energy were
already filled in with some of the cards I recommended adding.

    Well dusk will soon be closing upon us. I should wrap this up in time
for me to get home so I can spend the evening in solitude on my roof, a
glass of iced tea in one hand, a pair of binoculars in the other, watching
the fireworks from afar. Then I can go inside and watch Survivor or whatever
voyeur TV show is on. Oooh, the excitement never stops...At least you get an
improved deck. :)

     Revised "Of Darkness and Light"

     4 TR Eevees (Promo Eevees if you can get them!)
     2 Dark Jolteons
     2 Dark Flareons
     4 Electabuzzes
     4 Fossil Magmars

     4 Bills
     2 Professor Oaks
     4 Super Energy Removals
     3 Rocket Sneak Attacks
     3 Nightly Garbage Runs
     4 Gusts of Wind
     2 Computer Searches
     2 Item Finders

     12 Fire Energy
     8 Electric Energy

      Shazam! There it is. For a competitive, fun deck, this will definitely
serve you well. It may not be that great a contender at a tournament due to
the Eeveelution's low HP and the weaknesses to some very popular types. If
your local tournament environment is not all that developed and competitive
though, you may stand a shot. It's hard for me to know. If this deck does
well, consider dropping a couple of Energy, one Fire and one Electric for a
couple of Scoop Ups. Scoop Ups would be a good compliment to the basic
Pokemon in here. Experiment and see which works best: the 2 extra Energy or
the Scoop Ups. This is how really good decks are built. Experimentation and
good game skills will get you far.

      I'll take the payment today, in lieu of any irate secretary to scare
you into paying. He he. If it makes you more comfortable, I can brandish a
letter opener and threaten you with bodily injury just like she does. No?
Well, then you can be on your way. Happy 4th, for what it's worth.

      I guess I'll close up the office now. Turn off these lights, shut off
the fan, lock the door. Good, good. Nothing left to do now but go home. It's
a shame too. I've got several cases of fireworks in the trunk of my car.
Good ones too. Not those crappy little ones you light and then throw away
for fear of losing a finger for holding it more than a second. Good ones.
The type that make cool noises and shoot up in the air and really get the
police on edge.

      On second thought, maybe I won't go home. I think I'll drop by
Satoshi's Shop or Spike Shed and see if they're in. I'd hate to blow up my
own fingers by accident. Best if I use theirs. Maybe today will be fun after

                         Good Luck!!
                       Dr. Crash Landon

(Disclaimer: I do not advocate irresponsible use of fireworks and similar
dangerous items. There is a very serious risk of injury with any firework,
big or small. Fireworks should only be used by authorized people who know
how to safely use and enjoy them. I may joke about playing with fireworks
and stuff, but it's not funny when accidents DO happen. I happen to know
someone who was injured by a stray bottle rocket. He regrets ever playing
with them. So, just think smart before you go do something dumb, young AND
old alike. Doctor's orders.
  We now return you to your regularly scheduled satire and mirth.)