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From: Drew <drew@voodooradio.com>
Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 20:23:52 -0500

>Hey Yo,
>   I just built a new deck and I need some advice on how to make it
>better. It's name is Tongue, Mandible, and Fist" Deck.
>4x Lickitung
>4x Scyther
>4x Hitmonchan/o Fossil Magmar
>4x Electabuzz/o Fossil Magmar
>11x Fighting/o Fire
>10x Electric/o Fire
>3x Double Colorless
>2x Full Heal Energy
>4x Scoop Up
>4x Potion
>1x Super Potion
>4x Energy Removal
>4x Gust of Wind
>1x Prof. Oak
>   The object of my deck is to do damage early on with Hitmonchan,
>Electabuzz, or Lickitung while powering up Scyther. I will Potion or
>Scoop Up any damaged Pokémon. The reason for all the energy is because
>in my area Energy Removal decks are used more than any other form of
>deck. If my opponent survived the initial onslaught of my deck then my
>deck can be used as a stall deck i.e. Tongue Wrap, Thunder Shock, Smoke
>Screen, Energy Removal, Scoop Up, Etc. I need some advice on how to
>improve my deck please help.


A fairly basic version of a Haymaker using Electabuzz and Hitmonchan, though it does need quite a bit of tweaking in all area's.

While Lickitung doesn't have the aggresive feel a Haymaker should have, it is a part of the decks name so I'll leave it in.  It is great early versus Psychic to build up your bench with powered up baddies, and also buys you time to use broken trainers like SER.  I still think 4 is just too many... if you really need one search for it!

As far as trainers... anyone who has read one of my reviews before knows what comes next.  I've stated the following dozens of times but there are still some of you who haven't got the message, so I'm gonna blatantly rip off yet another multi-million dollar corporation with this new slogan:  CARD DRAWING, JUST DO IT!

Here's my "fix"

4 Electabuzz
4 Scyther
3 Hitmonchan
2 Lickitung

4 Bill
3 Computer Search
3 Professor Oak
2 Item Finder
4 Plus Power
4 Scoop Up
2 Gust of Wind

7 Electric Energy
7 Fighting Energy
3 Energy Retrieval

More of an "old school" Haymaker, using the SER to make sure your opponent can't build up those powerful evolutions (Wiggly, Arcanine) while you constantly attack with the bash brothers for the win!  Don't freak about the lower energy count, all that card drawing balances it out, along with the Energy Retrievals!

Hope this helps... have fun!