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From: "Nathan Kilpatrik" <whiteknight2091@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:33:34 CDT

>Hi Aaron my name is Nathan and I have jsut recently created a new deck and I
>need you to give it a tune up before I take it into battle if you would.  so
>here is my deck called special jabs.
>16 fighting energy
>2 full heal energy
>3 potion energy
>2 Hitmonlee
>1 Hitmonchan
>1 Clefairy
>2 Geodude
>2 Graveler
>2 Golem
>1 Aerodactly
>2 Onix
>1 Mysterious Fossil
>2 Plus power
>1 Pokemon Breeder
>2 Super Energy Removal
>3 Gust of Wind
>3 Bill
>1 Pokedex
>1 Defender
>3 Super Potion


Anybody who runs the entire Graveler family is either insane, or has McMahon sized grapefruits!! 

To keep the deck mono-fight, run multiples of the staples Hitmonchan and Machop.  Also any Fighting deck HAS to run a non-fight source of damage, Ditto fits the bill as Ditto is aggresive much like Machop and Hitmo...

Speaking of multiples... don't forget to use as many copies of good cards as you can!  Using one Defender is just silly... heck, using 4 Defenders is silly in THIS deck!  Stick with the multiple aspect of the deck and use/abuse as many Oaks, Bills, Plus Powers, Gusts, as you can!

Hope this helps...have fun!