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From: Jakimbell@aol.com
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 19:33:04 EDT

>I read the Sexican's Haunting deck and think Energy Retrieval would be better
>in it. Nightly Garbage Run is highly overrated, IMHO. Sure, you shuffle 3
>cards back into your deck, but you cant use them right away usually. Normally
>you want to draw trainers, not pokemon or energy, anyway. Its good in Damage
>Swap and Wildfire though. Its funny when your opponent says "I finally
>knocked 3 Chansey" then you just return them to your deck and comp search for
>1 or more. In most decks you should have 1 or 2. Right now i use 2 NGR in my
>psy deck, so i feel safe discarding pokemon or energy with Dark Kadabra's
>matter exchange power. But in most decks, i think Mr. Fuji would be WAY
>better at re-using pokemon and energy and stopping yourself from decking.
>plus if you dont need a defender or DCE right now, you can put it on a
>pokemon and fuji it. Once i Mr.fuji-ed a gengar with 3 energy and my deck got
>6 CARDS bigger, giving me enough time to get my last 2 prizes with a MP