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From: "Gary Heckler" <tinyheck324@hotmail.com>
Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 21:38:48 EDT

>In my opinion both of these cards are very good, but in the long run, I
>would use Nightly Garbage Run (NGR), and here are my reasons, and would use
>this in place of Energy Retrieval (if there isn't enough room for both of
>these great cards.)
>NGR Positives:
>1)It prevents decking, and due to most decks using at least 3 to 4 of Bill
>AND Oak, NGR is a good way to stay in the game longer for more beatdown, and
>with these card drawing powers, most of the time you will get the energy you
>2)You can get not just energy, but Pokemon, which is great in a deck running
>low basics, and even SpeedTuff Decks, or just if you want to get your
>knocked out or discarded Pokemon that will help you in battle. (due to
>playing the opponents weakness, your resistance, etc.)
>3)Can get three cards, one more than energy retrieval.  Not a significant
>difference but it always helps.
>4)No Discard cost, which is great, if you don't want to discard anything
>from your hand, you can still use NGR to help you in battle.
>1) Cards don't come into your hand, which isn't totally bad, because it
>prevents decking, but doesn't help if you need the cards right away.
>Energy Retrieval Positives:
>1)Get 2 energies, right into your hand, which is always great when you are
>in an energy problem.
>2)Only have to discard one, which isn't so bad, just discard a useless card
>(or even a useless energy) for 2 more.
>1) Discard cost, even though it isn't bad, can still hurt you if you have
>say, no cards in your hand, or want the cards in your hand.  This is also a
>downside since NGR has no discard cost.
>2)Only get energies.  What if you need that Pokemon that was knocked out and
>you don't have any on your bench, Energy Retrieval only gets energy while
>NGR at least can get the Pokemon back into your deck for later drawing.
>In the long run, I would prefer NGR due to its multiple uses, and is good in
>virtually any deck.  Don't get me wrong, I love Energy Retrieval, which is
>good in any deck, especially ones running low energy or multiple types of
>energy, and so is NGR, but not quite as good.
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