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From: BuzzMaster12@aol.com
Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 18:39:35 EDT

>  hey aaron, you wanted to know about how we play with garbage run/energy
>retrieval effectively? well, i have been playing garbage run in my deck ever
>since the card was released, and before that i was a big fan of retrieval.
>there are some things i have learned from playing energy retrieval/garbage
>run in the same deck as well.
>  for one, it depends on what type of deck you play and how you play it.in
>wiggly and hay decks, two garbage runs is ususally efficient. that is if you
>really worry about decking, or you tend to oak/comp. search away energy and
>pokemon.this is usually, so i would recommend you look at it like that.
>energy retrieval does not work too well in sponge decks, i have found,
>because since you hardly ever keep the same cards in your hand for more than
>a few turns(oak search and item finder make this deck what it is)garbage run
>gets the cards back in the deck while preventing decking, and retrieval
>doesnt really do anything when you are about to oak.
>  in rain dance, i have found that 2 or 3 garbage runs are needed. i say
>needed because of all decks, rain dance tends to deck out the fastest, and
>not only does garbage run help prevent decking but it also gets back those
>innocent sqirtles that were KOed before they got a chance to evolve, or those
>much needed energy. energy retrieval does put those energy into your hand,
>but in rain dance decking out is more of a serious issue than becoming energy
>dry. sponge is sort of the same way.
>   damage swap needs these also. since they ususally tend to be the slowest
>succesful deck and usually aim for decking, increasing their draw pile while
>getting back those  mimes/abras/kazams/ chanseys and precious
>energy(sometimes, because energy are usually not as important in swap as in
>other decks) is much better than just getting energy in your hand with
>retrieval. energy isnt even that important when you have the swap combo up
>and goin, unless you plan on attacking while swapping (mr mime)
>  so, in conclusion, these two cards are very hard to use effectively
>sometimes, and the only way to find out which is better for your deck is to
>play it often using both of these cards. one time, play with just garbage
>run, then another time play with just energy retrieval. look for cards in
>your deck that compliment/ dont compliment these two cards and go from there.
>anyway, thanks for reading this and i hope it is of use!