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From: "Sugar" <sugar@wnclink.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 07:21:53 -0700

Hey Aaron, I was reading a  recent post and u asked for a good strategy for THe nightly garbage run card. Well at a recent tourney, i was slapped in the face with an EXCELLENT strategy for it lol...
I was running a deck with high amounts of energy removals and pokemon attacks that also removed energys like Poliwrath and Dark Vaporeon and Golduck. Well this fella was running a 100% pure raindance deck. I was doing ok holding him at bay as he was only taking pot shots at me with squirtles and paralyzing me but as it went on, i kept removaling his water energy and discarding them with the attacks. So with about 6 or 8 cards left in his deck, and holding a handfull of bills and 4 NGRs he gets himself out 16 water enegies and replinishes his deck. Tho it was close up to that point, when he used those to build his deck back and then 2 bills in a row on one turn then one more on the other, there was nothing i could do when he started taking the last of his prizes.
I thought that was a pretty good strategy for it lol