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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 00:16:01 -0600

>Hey, Sexican again =P
>Trying to make ChanGas.dec always a bit better.
>In case you've forgotten =I
>4x Gastly
>3x Haunter
>2x Gengar
>3x ProMewtwo
>4x Hitmo
>1x Kang
>4x CPU
>4x ER
>3x SER
>3x Oak
>3x Bill
>3x Scoop
>14x Psy En.
>7x Fight En.
>2x En. Retrieval
>Juz wanna discuss a couple o' things about the deck's latest version =)
>+ En. Ret's instead of NGR: NGR Is a nice card indeed, helps against decking
>etc. But it just does nothing to alter the play area. Your hand and the
>arena remain the same. Sometimes you want to just get those Energy you
>discarded earlier, and E Ret. does that unlike NGR. And Gastly aint taking
>10 colorless, or maybe he wont be around anymore (Gengar anyone?) What do
>you think?
>+ Item Finders or no? Due to early heavy-Oaking and CPUSearch, some nice
>trainer cards end in the discard pile, and later you have a full hand but
>none of those juicy SERs or Scoops lying in the discard pile. I thought of
>Adding 1-2 Item Finders for 1 SER and maybe a Bill? Would it be wise to do
>Hey, Im jus beginning in Pokémon. Though most of my Magic:tG knowledge helps
>a lot =) (Like free Stone Rain is good. And Demonic Tutor just discarding 2
>is very good as well. And free Wheel of Fortune is da bomb. Oh, and buying
>booster packs is generally bad =/)
>Of course, any other input regarding the deck in general will be widely
>appreciated =D
>Feel free to e-mail me drectly as redundant content in the Pojo's Deck
>Garages might bother some other ppl =P
>- Sexican
>... who luvs Pearl
>ICQ: 56993301


For those of you following along at home, Sexican and I have been putting a lot of thought into this deck that is turning out to be mucho fun to playtest!  While I still think NGR is better in this controlish-style deck, Sexican has many excellent points about this deck over the past month. 

I'd like to hear what you, the Students of Aaron's School of Higher Learning, think about Nightime Garbage Retrieval.  During your playtesting... what is your opinion of the card.  When is it good, when is it not?  What is the right amount to play in a deck?  Do you think it is a replacement for Energy Removal, or are those 2 immediate Energy just to valuable compared to fattening up the library?

I'd like to hear from you guys out there, any good comments/theories/idea's will of course be posted on my garage for everyone's review!  Impress me!