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From: PokeVonEsaur@aol.com
Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 17:02:29 EDT

>Dear Aaron,
>        Hello. I want to register to your school. My friend and his brother
>always beat me. I want to beat them so badly! I've only beat them once with
>my puny Meowth/Tangela deck against fire/psychic deck. I did not have Persian
>at the the time.Here's my new deck called Sticky Fever. Here it is:
>                               Sticky Fever!
>4 TR Oddish
>3 Dark Gloom
>2 Dark Vileplume
>3 Fossil Psyduck
>2 Fossil Golduck
>4 Fossil Grimer
>3 Dark Muk
>11 grass energy
>5 water energy
>7 psychic energy
>2 Goop Gas Attack
>3 Energy Removal
>2 Super Energy Removal
>3 Full Heal
>1 Lass
>3 Bill
>2 Energy Search
>That's my deck. The strategy is to get Dark Vileplume out as quick as
>possible and use Hay Fever and Psyduck's Headache. Psyduck is for backup if
>Vileplume dies. When I evolve Psyduck into Golduck use Hyper Beam and energy
>removal and S.E.R. to set them up into Dark Muk so they have an impossible
>time retreating. I should add G.O.W. incase they use switch. Full heal is so
>that the Oddish family doesn't get confused. There's the strategy. You can
>e-mail me at PokeVonEsaur@aol.com. Thanks Aaron!


Dark Muk Rocks!  I'd recommend building the deck around him, another neat idea would be to splash just one regular Muk as a "Silver Bullet" against Pokemon Power decks like Raindance!  This strategy should be do able by playing with several search cards (Computer Search anyone?)

When focusing on Muk you'll need a heavy commitment to Grass to power up those mana intensive attacks!  As we all know, Scyther is an excellent Pokemon in most decks... and just happens to be even better in this deck since it can actually use it's Swords Dance!  Pinsir is another Pokemon you may want to ad a few of since it can hit pretty hard if given a chance to build up on the bench a few turns.  Ditto is another aggresive Pokemon to consider and works great with DCE's along with Scyther and Pinsir... if you want to go for more diversity try Chansey instead for that much needed resistance to Psychic!

If you didn't catch the hint... I'm trying to encourage more basic Pokemon into this deck.  A whopping THREE evolution lines in the original deck is just too many to build a deck with any consistency!  I'd say that is prolly the reason you're having a tough time with your brother and his friends...

Hope this helps... have fun!!