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Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 22:44:46 -0400

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> DeCiMaTiOn
>I am Brian M.  Heres my deck, I recognized quite some flaws in (especially
>in Charizard)
>>30 energy
>>20-25 pokemon
>>5-10 trainers
>>3 charmander
>>3 Charmeleon
>>1 Charizard
>>4 Hitmonchan
>>1 clefairy
>>1 Clefable
>>3 Magikarp (MagiCRAP as you called them)
>>3 Gyrados
>>1 Hitmonlee
>>1 oddish
>>1 Gloom
>>1 Vileplume
>>2 Pokemon Breeder
>>3 poke ball
>>2 gusts
>10 Fighting
>10 Water
>10 Grass
>I would use Charizard's energy burn to get the fire energy, then he'd get
>dropped, taking out a pokemon as his purpose basically.  The Hitmonchan for
>some quick KOs.  The gyrados for the 30 and 40 damage.  Clefable for
>Metronome to help DRAMATICALLY.  Hitmonlee is out there cause of Stretch
>kick.  Vileplume, while...the Petal Dance you can see helps.  I am taking
>out the Charizard line once I get my cards back from FL.  I am gonna add
>some others though.  The Hitmonchan are my Backbone.  As you can see, I'm
>not very strategic, I run in and just attack, taking hits until my pokemon
>gives out.


This is a response to all of you who write me asking how to become a Deck Mechanic.  Check out this deck sent to me just the other day.  Now consider that if you where a Mechanic you'd get literally dozens of these E-mail EVERY DAY!!! 

And for those of you who are sending in decks like this to us Mechanics, please take some time to actually read the postings on our garage.  We have virtually every possible deck type at your disposal... use them!  Read up on which Pokemon and Trainers we like, and which one's we don't!  The resources at your fingertips are nearly endless here at the PoJo, so by all means use them before you send us your decks...

Hope this helps...have fun!