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Anti Wiggly Strategy Deckbuilding
July 5, 2000


4 plus powers
4 defenders
4 comp search
4 energy removal
2 professor oak
3 gust of wind
3 scoop up
1 gambler
2 scyther
4 electabuzz
3 hitmonchan
1 aerodactyl
1 mysterious fossil
1 kanghaskan
12 fighting energy
10 electric

 Dear Mrs.Clefairy Doll:
I have a problem.(other than my deck sucks!)
I am a wiggly phobiac.I see wigglytuffs tearing me a
part like on resident evil zombies.I can counter a
wiggly deck prettyu easily(the stock of people around
here play wiggly decks),but i have trouble countering
too much else.If you are wondering "why the heck does
this boy have a kanghaskahn in his deck!he must be
crazy!",it is because kanghaskahn can stall a stall
deck.it's crazy,but true.i actually think that the
best part of my deck is the aerodactyl.he is the
ultimate bain of all wiggly decks in my local comic
book shop.I think this deck is ok,but i would like to
see if you can make it better than ok.

Thank you for your time,
Andrew Luther

Dear Mr. Luther... 

And it's MS. Clefairy Doll to you *grin*! Welllll.... I chose your deck for one reason... to have fun bashing and metagaming WIGGLIES! At the STS in Long Beach (as it was at the qualifiers), many people will probably be running Wiggly for it's speed. Let's say we go over every conceivable way to slow the 'Tuff dude down. Instead of remaking your deck, I'll go over strategies that can be used by any deck to Metagame a Wigglytuff nightmare.


Chansey: Double Edge takes out the Wigg in one hit, and still has enough oomph to destroy another Pokémon.

Hitmonchan: Poor Wiggly is WEAK to fighting, and 'Chan has a 1F cost attack that will take out Wiggly in 2 turns.

Other Fighting: Same thing... WEAKNESS! 

Mr. Mime: What's wrong Wigglydude? Can't keep me asleep long enough to get past the wall? hehe! (Use a silver cardboard Chansey coin if you want to be sure that Mime wakes up every flip... j/k j/k!)

Ditto: Play Wiggly's own game against him... send out Ditto with a full bench and beat away. Use 2 plus powers for a one turn kill.

Aerodactyl: What's that? Can't evolve Jigglypuff? Awww... too stinkin' bad... (but look out for Scyther!)



Super Duper Energy Removal: A Wiggly's worst nightmare! Nothing more fun than beating up on a naked Wigglytuff while he desperately tries to power back up to attack or retreat!

Energy Removal: Not as potent, but used in multiples, it can have the same effect.

Gust of Wind: aka "Gust of Win" according to Scott Gerhardt *grin*... Gust up that benched wiggly after you ER it or before it is powered up *evil laughter!*

Full Heal: For the most part a cruddy trainer, but using this instead of Full Heal Energy will still allow you to play another E on a Pokémon of better choice. 

Rocket Sneak Attack: Look thru your opponent's hand and strip their search cards, like Oak, Bill and Computer Search during your first turn and before they have a chance to go off. Wigglytuff decks are powerless if they don't have the engine to search for the cards they need to fill their bench and evolve. 

Lass: See above, but try not to Lass until you have YOUR attackers in place and plenty of energy in hand.



Full Heal Energy: Wake up from annoying Wiggly induced sleepiness if you don't flip heads by adding a full heal energy to your Pokémon. 


Well, there you have it.... anti Wigglytuff people rejoice!

 ~ Clefairy Doll

~ A Bit of Clefairy Doll Wisdom:
No one is listening until you make a mistake.