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-TJ Says- Hey guys I know I havent fixed a deck in a few months, but school HAS kept me pretty busy and my computer monitor was broken for a few weeks. But I am back, for good this time! :D



This is my favoarite deck.This deck is strong.Tell me what you think about it.Help me fix my deck.So,here's the deck.



3 Erika's Oddish (GYM HEROES)-LV 15
2 Erika's Gloom-LV 28
1 Erika's Vileplume
2 Erika's Bellsprout-LV 15
2 Erika's Weepinbell-LV 30
1 Erika's Victreebell
3 Chikorita-LV 19
2 Bayleef-LV 39
1 Bayleef-LV 22
2 Erika's Dratini
1 Heracross
1 Cleffa

4 Potion
4 Moo-Moo Milk
3 Switch
3 Gust of Wind
2 Professor Elm
1 Super Energy Retrireview

16 Grass Energy
1 Potion Energy
1 Full heal Energy

The main strategy of this deck is to evolve Vileplume faster
by benching while Bayleff will be main hitter and defense
Victreebell will be backup and so are the others like Heracross.I think this deck is not strong enough.Help me make it better.Pleaseeeeeeeeee.I will wait for your response

-The Fix-

-Pokemon- Lots of singles. Take out your Heracross, E. Dratinis, and the E. Vileplume line. Next take out your Chikorita line. In my eyes none of these cards are that good, so we will make up for them by adding 3 Grimer and 3 Dark Muk. Add 2 more Cleffa, and 1 more of each E. Weepinbell and Bellsprout. Add 2 Ditto for a bit of support.


-Trainers- Interesting trainers. Take out all 4 potion, and all 4 Moo-Moo Milk. Replace these with 3 Gold Berry and 4 Oak. Add 3 CPU Search and 4 Item Finders. Add 3 Lass for the Lass/Eeeeeeek Combo. Take out the 3 Switch and Super Energy Retrieval. Also, take out your 2 Elm, you will have enough drawing power with Oaks and Item Finders. Also remove a Gust of Wind. The Victreebell has a built in Gust of Wind, so you can play 2. Lastly Add 3 ER, 3 SER, 2 NGR, and 2 TRs Hideout.


-Energy- Take out 6 Grass, add 1 DCE, and 3 Recycle Energy.


The new deck should look something like this:


3x Grimer

3x Dark Muk

3x Cleffa
2x Erika's Bellsprout-LV 15
2x Erika's Weepinbell-LV 30
2x Erika's Victreebell
2x Ditto

4x Professor Oak

4x Item Finder

3x Gold Berry

3x CPU Search

3x Lass

3x Energy Removal

3x Super Energy Removal
2x Gust of Wind

2x TRs Hideout

10x Grass Energy
3x Double Colorless Energy
3x Recycle Energy


-TJs Last Words- Well, it is a bit different, but you should have a lot of fun and success playing this deck. Thanks and see you all later! :D