Subject: Rain - Sneasel and Zappy
Hey, Rain...
This deck seems to lose sometimes, but I cant find whats missing or what is an underrated card I just put in thinking it would be good.
I would still like to keep Rocket's Zapdos in the deck.
Thanks Rain, Todd

Sneasel and Zappy

   3 Gold Berry
   3 Professor Oak
   3 Erika
   2 Lass
   2 Rocket's Trap
   2 SER
   4 Comp. Search
   2 GOW
   2 Switch
   2 Sprout Tower
   4 Pluspower
   1 Prof. Elm
   2 Item Finder
   2 Imposter Oaks Revenge
   3 Cleffa
   2 Rocket's Zapdos
   2 Electabuzz
   2 Sneasel
   2 Erika's Jigglypuff
   Energy (15)
   3 Double Colorless
   8 Lighting
   4 Darkness

   Even if you dont post this i want ya to know i love your deck garage fixes,keep it up, i'll keep readin' 'em.


Since you want to keep the Rocket's Zapdos', I'll leave 'em in. Start off by dropping both Electabuzz for 2 Tyrogue. Clefable is probably the biggest threat you have playing this deck. Lets takes apart Rocket's Zapdos and Sneasel like they're nothing. Tyrogue has a 50% chance of hitting Fable for 60. It's seriously worth it. Also drop both Erika's Jigglypuff (and you're running Sprout Tower?) for something much more versatile, consistant and reliable: Pichu. Play 2 of those.

If this was my deck, I would probably drop the Traps, Erika's and IOR's and turn it more into a hay-type variant. It would be much more consistant and much more reliable, in my opinion. Drop the following cards:

-3 Erika
-2 The Rocket's Trap
-2 Imposter Oak's Revenge
-2 Switch
-1 Pluspower

Go another Professor Elm, Item Finder, Lass, SER and 2 Chaos Gym. Chaos Gym is SO good with Sneasel. Fully powered Sneasel + full bench + Chaos Gym is probably one of the most scariest scenario's that you're opponent could be in. You also may want to try Energy Charge. Although it's a flip, it's a great card to get back Darkness, Metal and Double Colorless Energy. Playtest with 2 of those in your deck. And throw in a Nightly Garbage Run. I would suggest more, but that's all we have room for. Since we have the extra slot, add in another Sneasel.

Drop 2 Lighting Energy and all 3 DCE. Then try 2 Rainbow Energy, 2 Recycle Energy and "TecH" in a Brock's Mankey (Taunt Slowking! Need I say more? =/) Recycle Energy will come in handy with SER and your babies attacks.

Sneasel and Zappy

-Pokimon: 13
3 Cleffa
3 Sneasel
2 Rocket's Zapdos
2 Pichu
2 Tyrogue
1 Brock's Mankey

-Trainers: 33
4 Computer Search
3 Item Finder
3 Professor Oak
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Lass
3 Gold Berry
3 Pluspower
2 Professor Elm
2 Gust of Wind
2 Energy Charge
2 Sprout Tower
2 Chaos Gym
1 Nightly Garbage Run

-Energy: 14
6 Lighting Energy
4 Darkness Energy
2 Rainbow Energy
2 Recycle Energy

My god! Look at all of those Trainers O_o!!

Hope that helped...and uh, thanks to everyone who has readed this far. =/