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   With the large number of Feraligater decks around, I

decided to make a deck based on the first water giant.


Pokemon 18

4 Squirtle (Rocket)
2 Blastoise
2 Chansey
2 Articuno
4 Wooper
2 Quagsire(Revolution)
2 Cleffa
I love Neo rev's Quagsire: resistance to electric and a
great removaling attack? My gosh!!!!

Trainers 22
( 21 )

2 Pokemon Breeder
3 Computer Search
2 Super Energy Retrieval
3 Elm
3 Energy Removal
2 Super Energy Removal
2 Breeder Fields
2 Item Finder
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy removal? In a Blastoise deck? Why not? Great with
the big Quag and Super Energy Retrieval! I love Quagsire,
yeah!, yeah! (just slipped out)

Energy 20

17 Water

Total 59
Well, there it is! I like this deck and have won many

games with it, but I know it needs improving!! Please

Andrew fenning []

Well its a nice idea but the deck could use some help, wait thats what I'm here for.

Hmm..... first off I notice you have 59 cards, so I will work an extra card in.

The Pokemon

I like the Blastoise and Quagsire idea it seems good enough. The support Pokemon need some help though.

Lets drop the 2 Chancey and 2 Articuno, they are not needed in Raindance anymore.

1 Cleffa, any deck with two evolution lines need 3 or 4 of these.

Add 2 Suicune, it can stop Eeeeeeeking and other effects of attacks, I will also be adding in Lass it works great with that also, I keep finding more and more uses for this card and it works great with Raindance.

Now your Blastoise line needs help it will be destroyed by a Slowking deck if you have no Wartortles in it, so add in 2 Wartortle and add 1 more Blastoise so you can find them easier.

I think you can safely drop 1 Wooper.

The Trainers

It needs to go back to the proven trainers.

You NEED Oaks in this deck, 3 should do fine.

2 Pokemon Breeders is not enough so lets add one to bring it up to 3.

4 Computer Searches will help out so add one of those to.

Breeder Fields is just not worth it drop them both. In modified its an OK card but in standard you have better options.

The removal power is are nice but we don't need that much, with an attack that does it also. I will swap the 3 Energy Removals for 3 Lass, the Lasses will work well with the Suicune so they can't Eeeeeeek to recover after a Lass.

Last up add in 1 more Item Finder.

The Energy

Well, I took out the Chanceys so you don't need the Double Colorless Energy any more so drop them.

To even the Card count out to 60 lets drop 2 Water.

Your deck should now work better with the added draw power. With the addition of the Suicune and lasses your adding some nice deference to go along with the Quagsire line.
And the general fix up of the trainers should help it to work faster and more consistantly.

Pokemon 19

4 Squirtle (Rocket)
2 Wartortle (Base)
3 Blastoise
2 Suicune (Revolations Holo)
3 Wooper
2 Quagsire(Revolations)
3 Cleffa

Trainers 26

3 Pokemon Breeder
4 Computer Search
2 Super Energy Retrieval
3 Elm
3 Oak
3 Lass
2 Super Energy Removal
4 Item Finder
2 Nightly Garbage Run

Energy 15

15 Water

Jeremy Borchardt