Hi my name is <censored>  i need help with my deck will you please help i
call it
hydro petal thanks.
13 grass
13 water
1 venusaur
1 ivysaur
1 bulbasaur
2 dark blastoise
2 dark wartortle
2 base set squirtle
1 dark gyrados
1 magikarp
1 scyther
1 bellosom
1 vileplume
2 gloom
2 rocket oddish
1 nightly garbage run
1 erikas kindness
1 sabrina's psychic control
1 sprout tower
2 full heal energy
2 sabrina's gaze
2 bill
2 berry
2 potion
1 ecogym
2 super rod
2 moo-moo milk
1 brock

Hi <censored>, thanks for sending me your deck to fix. I'm going to
appologize in advance for the lenght of this, but this deck quite frankly
needed a LOT of work and I really wanted you to understand why I made all the
changes that I did. This deck was very hard to fix for several reasons. You
gave me very little direction on what lines you were most attached to, or
what you were trying to accomplish with this deck, so I didnt have much to go
on. You also didnt give me any indication of what pokemon you had to combat
the most in your area, so I simply had to assume that the pokemon you had to
try to combat the most were the same as mine: Wigglytuff, Clefable, Blaines
Rapidash, Fossil Magmar, Rockets Zapdos, Sneasel, and Dark Vileplume. The
only common thread at all that I could see in your deck was that you seemed
to like things that healed (Bellossom, Vileplume, Bulbasaur. Potion, Moo Moo
Milk, and Brock were all in your deck). Unfortunately your deck violated
almost every single principle of good deck building.

1) It had 64 cards in it, which made it illegal.
2) It had 28 energy, which is WAY too many for any deck but a prop 15 (15
trainer limit) deck, and its pushing the limit even there.
3) You have WAY too many evolution lines and little hope of ever getting most
of the evolutions into play. Very few decks will work with 2 stage 2 lines in
them, and 3 stage 2 lines is completely unplayable. To top it off, you dont
have enough pokemon in any of your lines to have much chance of ever getting
the stage 2's into play. You need at least 3 of the basic and 2 of the higher
evolutions to stand much chance of ever getting them out.
4) You have almost no card drawing or searches. You cant get by with 2 Bill
and 2 Sabrina's Gaze even in a stall deck, and in a deck with evolutions,
card drawing and searches become even more important.
5) You have only 7 basic pokemon, which means frequent mulligins and
infrequent times of starting with more than 1 basic. To make matters worse,
only 3 of your basics have more than 40hp, and 2 of them only have 50. Its
practically beging to be killed early and often that way.
6) This isnt an official rule, but in general grass/water combination decks
just dont do well togeather. This is because most of the good pokemon in
these groups have energy intensive and energy specific attacks
7) Your trainers are completely scattered and unfocused. You need to run
multiples and have a basic plan.

With all this in mind, and trying to keep in mind that you would probably
like to keep at least a splash of each color in your deck, I rolled up mey
sleeves, reached into the secret compartment of my ring (The secret
compartment of my ring I fill,  with an Underdog Super Energy Pill), recited
my motto (There's no need to fear, Underdog is here!) and set to work on this
deck. (By the way, if you have no idea what I'm talking about above, you
should really watch more 60's cartoons, starting with The Underdog Show. Some
of the episodes were recently released on tape, so run out and buy one now,
or at least do it after you have fixed you deck)

The first thing I did was to decide to pump up your scyther count to 3.
Scyther is good in almost any deck with its free retreat and colorless
attack, but its especially effective in decks with grass energy because a
Swords Dance combined with a plus power wipes out all those pesky 70hp
pokemon in one shot. So Scyther was a given to stay.

The next thing that I did was to look at all those evo lines and decide what
to get rid of. Like i said earlier, playing 2 stage 2's is hard, so I decided
to limit it to one stage 2. I looked at all your lines to see if any of them
had a good stage one we could keep.

I looked at the Dark Gyrados line first because it only went to stage 1.Dark
Gyrados is ok, but not great. The 30 for 3 colored energy, even with a chance
for paralasys, isnt all that good. The pokemon power is nice, but unreliable
and you have to be koed to use it. But the bigest thing here, was that it
forces you to play with magikarp, which basiclly makes it unplayable. It
simply has to go.

The Dark Blastoise line is beter, but it has problems too. The bigest problem
is that it forces you to play with squirtle. Most water decks have become
almost unplayable at this point beceause electric is probably the most played
color in the current environment. Ordinarily I wouldn't frown on a pokemon
just because of a weakness, but with Rockets Zapdos being the single most
played pokemon where I play, and with all the Electabuzz still running around
out there, its pretty bad. It might be an aceptable risk if Dark Blastoise
was an exceptional pokemon, but it really isnt spectacular. The big 70 attack
needs 4 color specific energy which isnt easy to get, and even the agility
like rocket tackle only does 40 with a chance for invincibility. The 70hp is
also low for a stage 2, so I decided to get rid of this line too, and replace
it with a diffrent water pokemon.

Wooper should be a great addition to this deck. Its 50hp isnt great, but its
lighting resistance shuts down those anoying Electabuzz and Rockets Zapdos
almost completely and it still kills a Blaines Rapidash or Fossil Magmar in 2
turns 75% as often as rocket squirtle would, and offers the chance with 2
heads to do it in one turn. Its amnesia attack will also shut down a Clefable
and may even slow down a Wigglytuff for a couple of turns if you manage to
keep waking up. I only added 2 of them because of the low hit points and the
fact that scyther can take him out in one blow, but you might run 3 of them
if you have trouble geting all the rares you need to fill out the deck, or if
you want to keep more of the water characteristics in the deck.

Then I compaired the 2 lines we had left. Neither one of the stage 1s was
good enough to keep the line without the stage 2 in it, so basically it came
down to a choice of which to keep and which to get rid of. Oddish is clearly
the better of the 2 basics, and Vileplume and Bellosom seemed to fit the the
healing theme of the deck better than Venusaur so I took a long hard look at
them. Bellosom's sweet nectar "attack" looks good on the surface, and it is
if you have a 2 headed coin around,  but if you flip a couple tails, it
becomes very bad in a hurry. The flower dance attack isnt very good really.
You need 2 in play to get a 60 attack, and its hard enough to get one stage 2
out. The 70hp for a stage 2 is pretty low too, and basically sealed its fate.
Vileplume looks pretty good too on the surface, but there must be a reason he
doesnt show up in many decks. The reason is that any attack that
automatically confuses you is risky.  It might be (just) possible to make a
playable deck with him in it using miracle nut and full heal energy, but none
of the ones I playtested did very well. That left the Venusaur line. Playing
with Bulbasaur is admittedly risky, but Ivysaur is decent (a lot better than
Gloom), and Venusaur is a pretty good pokemon really. The 100hp is very
good.The guaranteed 60 attack is expensive, but with the pokemon power, it
can often be powered up easier than you would think. And before you say that
we have removed all the healing, the trick of moving the enery around with
his pokemon power and then playing a pokemon center is the most broken
healing combination in the game. Lets pump this line up to 3-3-3. With one of
the Ivysaur a breeder so we can get Venusaur out fast.

Why 3-3-3 and not 4-3-2 or 4-3-3 you ask? Well, basically because Bulbasuar
sucks and this reduces our chances of getting him as our lone pokemon in our
starting hand. Its true that you need him to get to Venusaur, but in
playtesting I had little trouble getting a Bulbasaur out when I needed it.
Also when I ran only 2 Venusaur, one of them was invariably in my prizes,
making it very hard to get one out. Also, I kept the Ivysaur in the deck to
guard against Dark Vileplume. If you dont see many of those in your area, you
might wana trade them out for breeders. The fact that they cant RSA him away
is another plus.

Finally we needed another pokemon, something with a lot of hp that can stall
while we power up. Chansey was a natural choice. Its even better in this deck
with the Venusaur because of the possibility of a free (or reduced cost if
using one dce) double edge followed by a pokemon center, and the low retreat
cost means we wont lose too many energy when we get him out of the way. Hes
also pretty good against Dark Vileplume decks in my experience. Lets put 4 of
him in so we are pretty sure of getting one early when we need him most.

Now that we have our pokemon set the rest should go much easier.

As far as energy goes, we dont need the water energy anymore so lets go with
4DCE, 4 Rainbow (for Woopers amnesia attack), 8 Grass energy, and just 2 Full
Heal Energy in case of Emergiancy. I know this looks low on the grass usable
end, but with Ecogym, and NGR to help us keep the energy out there it should
work fine (and did in playtesting).

Your trainers needed a lot of work. I replaced your card drawing cards with
Oak, Elm (so we dont allways have to oak away those evos and trainers we will
need later), and Computer Search which should help a lot more by geting us
the pokemon and energy we need,  and consolidated your array of healing cards
into the more effective pokemon center. I replaced your Super Rod with the
more versitle and effective NGR since we have a lot of cards to get what we
need from our deck, converted both your gyms to Ecogym because we need to
keep our energy in play, added Plus Power for the 60 Attack of Venusaur and
the 60/30 attack of Scyther. Finally I added a couple of versitle trainers in
Item Finder and Gust of Wind. Here is how the final deck looks.


Pokemon (17)
3 Bulbasaur
2 Ivysaur (again if you arent worried about dark vile, breeder is probably a
beter option)
3 Venusaur
3 Scyther
4 Chansey
2 Whooper

Trainers (25)
3 Professor Oak
3 Professor Elm
3 Computer Search
2 Item Finders
3 Nightly Garbage Run
2 Gust of Wind
3 Pokemon Centers
2 Ecogym
3 Plus Power
1 Pokemon Breeder

Energy (18)
4 Double Colorless Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
2 Full Heal Energy
8 Grass Energy

Good luck with this deck <censored>, let me know how it does.