Hey souper! I'm Jared Cisneros and I have a really good deck that I want to see if 
you can make better. I'll tell you my strategy after I show you my deck.
Electric's Killers
Pokemon 19
4 Zapdos (base set)
4 Scyther (jungle
4 Lt Surge's Electabuzz (It's in english now of course)
4 Voltorb (rocket)
3 Electrode (base set)
Trainers 21
4 Bill
3 Professor Oak
4 energy removal
3 super energy removal
3 defender
4 pluspower
Energy 20
16 electric energy
4 dce
Strategy: The strategy is to do a ton of damage with Zapdos and Lt Surge's Electabuzz. 
I like to do thunderbolt with Zapdos while I build up Lt Surge's Electabuzz. I'm trying 
to keep the opponent off guard with no energy and keep charging and discharging Lt Surge's 
Electabuzz and get no damage in the process. Can you help me do that better?
One problem I always had with electric is that most of them have huge energy costs. This is no exception. Base set Zapdos can deal huge damage, but also eats up a lot of Energy. If you want to use a Zapdos then use Rocket's Zapdos, which also deals huge damage but is easily powered up. Your Trainer setup looks good, though, and the Energy is about right.

Like I said, Rocket's Zapdos is better than Base Zapdos. It does have the downside of self damage, but Defender will help you there. Electrode can get you Energy quickly, but it gives your opponent a free prize and as a stage one it's more difficult to use. I'd add a few Base Set Electabuzz instead. They deal big, fast damage and don't take much Energy. Add a couple Ditto too, for some versatility. Ditto is nice in any deck if used properly because he can make the best of your opponent's attacks.

It looks pretty good right now. Take out a Bill and the Pluspowers; you already deal pretty heavy damage and need room. Add two Scoop Ups, three Com. Search, and a Professor Oak

It looks fine as it is. The Surge's Electabuzz and Zapdos have attacks that give them Energy, so you shouldn't have a huge problem. You can always tweak the Trainers and add Energy Retrieval if you see it necessary. Here's the deck:
Pokemon (18)
4 Rocket's Zapdos 
4 Scyther 
4 Lt Surge's Electabuzz
4 Electabuzz
2 Ditto

Trainers (22)
3 Bill
3 Com. Search
4 Professor Oak
4 Energy Removal
3 Super Energy Removal
3 Defender
2 Scoop Up 

Energy (20)
16 electric energy
4 dce
Hope that helps you, and good luck!

~ Souper ~