Hi there. :)
This is a deck sent to me from a buddy on the pojo message board,
Without further adieu....
4 TR Zapdos [main hitter]
2 Murkrow [bench hitter]
2 Sneasel [support hitter]
2 Cleffa [support,teCH]
8 Electric
4 Dark Energy
4 Rainbow Energy
4 Professor Oak [speed]
4 Computer Search [speed]
4 Item Finder [speed]
4 Plus Power [power]
3 Golden Berry [healing]
3 Energy Charge [save your energy]
3 Lass [distruption]
4 Rocket Sneack Attack [distruption]
3 Energy Flow [save your energy]
2 Ecogym [save your energy]

Strategy: My strategy is to use TR zapdos in the begining as the main
attacker and when it starts to get to the late game I use Sneasel as  a
up hitter. Cleffa is there for the first turn lass-cleffa combo thingy.
Murkrow is there to hit there benched if they retreated an injured pokemon
for the easy kill !! Energy flow is to move my dark energy around(of
and the rest should explain itself easily!
Well thanx for reading Satoshi!!!!!!!!!and posting (if you did)

Well...I'd have to say that this is very solidly constructed deck. Only a
few things to change.
First, lose the Murkrow for two more Sneasel. Bench hitting doesn't seem to
be a big thing in this kind of deck.

As for the Trainers, I think we can spare an Energy charge for another Lass.

Finally, out comes and Electric Energy for another Cleffa. The Lass/Cleffa
combo is just too great to skip on.
All in all, a great deck, my man. Good luck wth it, and keep up the good