*ding ding!*
Howdy there. :) Let's get to work!
HI pojo my name is fedo and this is my deck.I m italian and i don t speak
very well.i tell you if you want
to correct my deck because i think it is not good for a tournament.my e-mail
isn t this.can you write at this e-mail please foywga@tin.it   tanks!!!!!!!

3 magmar (fossil)
3 electabuzz
3 scyther
3 ditto
3 puff
2 tuff
2 aereodactyl

3 oak
3 computer search
3 plus power
3 gust of wind
2 item finder
2 narrow gym
1 pokedex
3 mysterious fossil

8 fire
7 ligthing
4 dce
2 potion
Hrm. Just a few things to work with.

First off, remove the Areodactyl. They do not belong in an evolution deck.
With the two spaces, add in another Wigglytuff and Jigglypuff. Next, remove
three Ditto for another Electabuzz, Magmar, and Scyther.

Since we're not using the Areodactyl anymore, out come the Mysterious
Fossil, and in go Professor Oak and a Bill. Next, out comes to PokÚDex and
in goes another Bill. Finally, out comes the 2 Potion Energy for another
Lightning Energy and a Bill. Next, take out the Narrow Gym-again, belong in
a Wiggly deck they do not. Add in 2 No Removal Gym since we're using
DCE-cards you do not want removed. ;)

We fixed the energy along the way, so no worries here. :)

That's it! good luck and happy gaming!!