Original Deck

Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeee post this. This deck is great but I'm looking for a way to make it better, I was thinking of changing it back to a 2 color deck but with what other color. Here it is:

4 Jigglypuffs
3 Wigglytuffs
3 Electabuzz
1 R. Zapdos
1 Ditto
1 Scyther
1 E. Dratini
1 Chansey

3 Pluspowers
3 Oak
4 Bill
1 Challenger
2 Finders
2 PC search
1 Gold berry
3 potion
2 Rocket Sneak Atacks
1 Switch
1 Scoop Up
2 Gust of Winds
1 No Removal

15 lightning
1 Recycle

Thanks for the help

Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   little bit of a problem here. Notice all the 1's and 2's, etc. in the decklist - the list should have mostly 3's and 4's, which means you should have multiples of most of the cards. With multiple copies your deck will draw the same thing more often, and make your games less random. By picking the best cards to go in the deck, you consistantly draw better cards, and you have a better chance of winning.

   First, in any wigglytuff, you need 4 jigglypuff and 4 wigglytuff. This, similar to the statement above in that it will improve your chances of getting a wigglytuff. Since wiggly is the focus of the deck, getting them out is key, so the better probability of getting out wiggly, the better probability of winning. After this you have all your numbers spread out - you need to pick 2 more pokemon and add in 4 of each. This is the fundamental difference between most wiggly decks. Fortunately, the color you've chosen, besides colorless, is lightning. Electabuzz is arguably the best pokemon (for fighting...cleffa seems to be the best overall ;)) in the game. Rocket's Zapdos is okay, so that fits as well. Ditto, erika's dratini, scyther, and chansey all make great 'colorless' additions (scyther considered colorless for it's purpose in a wiggly deck). Here's the main advantages of each of these pokemon, and their main weaknesses:
Scyther: Free retreat, resistance to fighting.
Erika's Dratini: Awesome against haymakers, but bad against other wiggly decks.
Chansey: Hard to power up, but can take out a wiggly in one hit if necessary - but often a waste of energy
Ditto: Good against wigglytuff and electabuzz, and any good pokemon (sneasel :)), but weak to the popular cleffa with low HP...
Electabuzz: quick damage for little energy, an attack to get around mime and good against erika's dratini
Rocket's Zapdos: Powers up easy with lightning from discard, attacks for 70/turn, but dies quick

Okay, now the important thing is to pick the right pokemon for the deck. In order to do this, we need to examine the focus of the entire wigglytuff archetype. The purpose of your deck is this - Get wigglytuff out as soon as possible, and run through your opponents pokemon quickly in order to either bench them or ko 6 quickly. In order to implement this properly, you need wigglytuff out as quick as you can, and don't want to be wasting a lot of extra energy. The most optimal pokemon for this is definately scyther - it can absorb a bit of damage and then retreat for free. You don't have to waste any energy retreating or attacking, and it can sit there the first turn while jiggly's getting built. Turn two you play the DCE and evolve to wiggly, then retreat, in the ideal situation. This maximizes the probability of getting a turn 2 wigglytuff, and speeds up your deck considerably. The next best speed card you have is electabuzz - it has low energy requirements for attacks, and can deal a lot of damage while building. It also fits in well. Dratini isnt much good since wiggly can kill it easily and you don't want to just be attacking for a little each turn. Ditto is risky since you have to worry about wasting lots of energy to retreat in case you can't get a scoop. Chansey isn't worth it because it takes too much energy to power up, and you need to run few energy cards in order to leave room for the speedy trainers necessary to get the deck going quickly. Rocket's zapdos is quick, but in the early game you won't always have energy in your discard pile, and the speed is necessary quickly. It also kills itself, and it needs to be able to take a little damage while wiggly's getting ready. The best choices, of the pokemon you had originally picked, are scyther and buzz. Stick with 4 copies of jiggly, wiggly, buzz, and scyther. And get rid of the rest of the pokemon.

   This is definately too much energy, and not that much lightning is needed for sure. Take out 7 lightning energy cards. Add in 4 full heal and take out the recycle.

   Since the focus of your deck is speed, this will be the focus of the trainers as well. You absolutely need 4 computer searches, oaks, item finders, pluspowers, and bills. Take out the potions, they are'nt necessary. Also ditch the challenge and gold berry, one of each of those won't help. There's 8 spots remaining between gust, scoop, NRG, switch, and RSA. Scoop is better than switch usually, so ditch the switch and add a scoop. 2 gusts are fine how they are. One more sneak attack would be nice, but you need the NRG to counter sprout tower or chaos... Item finders will help however. The trainers should be set...

Final Deck

Pokemon: 16
4 Jigglypuff
4 Wigglytuff
4 Electabuzz
4 Scyther
Energy: 16
8 Lightning
4 Full Heal

Trainers: 28
4 Bill
4 Computer Search
4 Item Finder
4 Pluspower
4 Professor Oak
2 Rocket Sneak Atack
2 Gust of Wind
2 Scoop Up
1 No Removal Gym

Good luck with the deck!