Original Deck

3 charmander(tr)  (in a fire deck u gotta love the poke power)
2 charmeleon
2 charizard(he is good in tight situations and i use him to get the last KO quick or against high HP nad high damage dealin pokes)
2 blaines growlithe(the 1 with stoke: good power up attack)
1 blaines arcanine(120 damage isnt too shabby and 2nd attack is ok with a blaine and a ngr)
2 moltres(fossil)
3 magby
2 magmar(fossil)

3 oak
4 bill
4 ngrs
2 energy retrieval
1 cinibar city gym
1 rockets minefield gym
4 blaines(need it in this deck)

2 dce
22 fire energy

my strategy is to start out with a magmar or magby and build up pokes on the bench. use charizard to get the last prize fast.  i use blaines to power up his arcanine and use growlthies stoke also

Deck Fix

Deck Focus
   First off, the numbers are a bit weak. The evolution even only has 3 copies of several...just all in all it's not strengthened and focused like any good deck should be. However, I should be able to fix that ;) Since the majority of the deck seems to be focused on charizard rather than arcanine, it'll be easy to take out the K9's.

   First for the pokemon, a bit of work needs done here. First add in another charmander and 2 more charmeleons and charizards. Now take out the growlithes and arcanines since there's not many and it'll be nearly impossible to get it out. Now take out 1 magby and the 2 moltres. Magby is good against dark vileplume, rain dance, and that is almost all that's played much... Moltres doesn't really fit the theme of the deck (attacking a lot) since it's attack costs a lot and rarely works in the first place. Now add in 2 Magmar to help out the attacking. You'll need a bit more stalling to get your charizard built up, so add in 2 chanseys. This will also increase the number of basics so you don't get stuck with only a charmander as much. After that, your pokeeymans should be set ;).

   Take out 2 fire and add in 2 DCE's. The DCE's work for firespin as well, and charizard's the main hitter, so that'll save some major time. There's a ton of energy, so take out 3 fire, so there's a lot still for charizard to discard.

   Take out the 2 gym's and add in no removal gym - it'll be much more helpful. Also take out the 4 blaine's, they don't work without blaine's pokeeymans. Now take out 2 NGR's, with 2 retrievals and 2 NGR's you really won't need the extra garbage runs. instead, add in more important cards - 4 pokemon trader's and another oak. Add in one more no removal gym and your deck's all set.

Final Deck

Trainers: 20
4 [Rocket] Charmander
4 Charmeleon
4 Charizard
4 [Fossil] Magmar
2 Magby
2 Chansey

Energy: 21
17 fire energy

4 dce
Trainers: 19
4 Pokemon Trader
4 oak
4 bill
3 No Removal Gym
2 ngrs
2 energy retrieval

Good luck with the deck!